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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
We could all draw a pwetty picture of our favourite Pokemon :D (because I know that Winter hates drawing anything non-human... I'm so nice! xD)

Lol, but yeah, no ideas here. Maybe we could light a Honchkrow on fire and see what happens? :D

On a side note: WAR was fun this year! :P

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
we need to get our group back up and running smoothly again !
Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post
All right Boss, I'll go get us some sand paper!

We need something Mafia-themed... Maybe some promotional signature shiz? We could all make an attempt at a Userbar/Banner? xD

I love both the idea of the signature AND the pokemon idea XD Agreed, we DO need to get this place up and running. WAR was pretty fun this year. Hopefully I'll do better next year (and get this group to actually be a WAR team. Because that would be awesome).

I think the main thing right now should be promotion. If you guys make a userbar/banner, I'll put it up on the front page and stuff. Also, anyone who is part of ASB, maybe we could do a mafia-themed challenge or something. I think it would be fun.

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