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Default Re: The Hunger Games


Name: Michael Knight

Age: 17

Gender: Male

What District you're in: District Two

(Without the sword, unless heís allowed to have it xD)

Personality: Michael is a very friendly and energetic person. He enjoys the company of other people, being the type that can easily make friends, and canít stand being alone. His upbeat personality tends to become annoying to any stoic members of the group, since there is rarely ever a time when Michael is unhappy. Because of his high energy level, he sometimes talks a lot, and cannot seem to stay still for very long. However, despite his optimism and energy, Michael is also easily annoyed and very stubborn.

Even though he is a sweet person, it doesnít take much at all to set Michael off, although itís extremely easy to calm him back down. A lot of people describe him as childlike, which he is, but Michael certainly knows when and how to be serious. He will never back down from a challenge or a battle - especially if someone he cares about is involved. Being extremely loyal to his friends and family, Michael will do anything to protect someone he cares about.

History: Michael was born and raised in District Two along with his younger sister, Mikayla. Despite the district that he comes from, Michael hates the Capitol with a passion. Even as a child, he always thought that the way they ruled over everything was unfair, and that the Hunger Games were cruel. However, he never voiced much concern about it during his childhood, simply enjoying the days he had with his sister and his parents. Life was easy for most of his years, and despite the cruelty of the Capitol, Michael had no real complaints.

However, when Michael was fifteen, and his sister only fourteen, Mikayla was chosen as the female tribute from their district. Michael offered his own cooperation to try and stay by his sisterís side to protect her, but unfortunately someone else had already volunteered before him. Despite his protests to his parents and even the Capitol, Michael was denied entry into the Games and thus Mikayla had to go on her own and was killed in its midst. This event left Michael with even more hatred for the Hunger Games and the Capitol, and even turned him against his own parents for not putting up a fight. He always despised how loyal they always were to the Capitol, even though it was obvious it was only for the conveniences they received for it.

After Mikaylaís death, Michael began training for the Games on his own, despite it being illegal to do so. He wanted to make sure that if he was ever picked, he would be ready for it. His relationship with his parents is still bad after two years, but he has slowly begun to come to terms with what happened to his sister, and is trying to let it go. However, his hatred for the Games and for the Capitol still burns passionately, and he does in no way intend to allow them to rule over his life. Michael does a good job at hiding his pain through his cheerful personality, leaving everyone completely fooled when it comes to his rebellious attitude toward the Capitol. However, Michael will certainly not hesitate to make his opinion on the situation known, and is not afraid of the consequences.

RP sample: All of Fells Church? xD

Other: Skilled in swordsmanship due to his training.

Name: Ichiru Kagami

Age: 18

Gender: Male

What District youíre in: District Three


Jet black hair comes down to the nape of his neck in a ruffled mess, and his bangs come down just past his nose, swaying to the left and almost always covering his eye. His eyes themselves are a piercing emerald green, which stand out against his dark hair and pale skin. He has two piercings at the top of his left ear, as well as a lip piercing; a simple silver stud on his bottom lip that he rarely bothers to take out.

Personality: Ichiru is very calm and collected, and normally keeps to himself. He really only interacts with people he knows, although heís not exactly unfriendly. He can come off as a bit distant sometimes, and maybe a little harsh, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut in order to prevent hurting someone. He doesnít really like to show his emotions, choosing to remain emotionless in most cases, although heís really a sweet and caring person under his rough exterior. He is annoyed quite easily, although it takes a lot more to actually anger him. However, if he is angered, Ichiru can and occasionally will grow violent. Although he isnít very trusting, Ichiru, like his brother, is very loyal to anyone who happens to become one of his friends.

Ichiru doesn't like authority at all, being the type that likes to do what he wants when he wants. However, he will oblige to what he's told if it's reasonable or mandatory. He tends to clash with the leaders of a group a lot of the time, if he doesn't particularly like them, although depending on the situation he will try to adjust his attitude in order to get along with them. Since he analyzes the consequences of his actions before he does them, Ichiru can easily adapt his attitude to get along with or work alongside someone even if he doesn't like them. However, when it comes to Kiseki or anyone else he cares about, he can be extremely reckless and doesn't tend to think much about what he does before he does it.

History: Ichiru and Kiseki were raised along with their younger sister Kotomi in District Four. They were never the wealthiest family around, but they still managed to keep themselves on their feet. Throughout their childhood, the twinsí father, James, would go out and catch fish in the lake to put food on the table, teaching the boys how to do so as well once they were old enough to try. They managed to live pretty normal lives despite the Capitolís rule over things and the Hunger Games themselves. It seemed as though the family was perfect on the outside; the children behaved like angels, the parents were kind and loving, and everyone had close bonds with each other. However, the reality of the twinsí lives was quite different. Behind closed doors, James was a horrible parent. He showed favor to Kotomi, who was the youngest, but he was horrible to the twins. Originally he had been the loving father that everyone still thought he was, but somewhere along the line he had turned to drinking, and his alcoholism began to change his personality.

Thanks to Isobel, they never received actual physical abuse, but the mental and emotional abuse he gave them was just as bad. His unexplained anger was mostly taken out on Ichiru, who was the only one who would rebel - and did so enough for the entire family put together. However, in the presence of visitors or the town, you would have never guessed such chaos took place in their home, for everyone hid it perfectly.

Each year the family would watch the Games on television, and when they were younger, Ichiru and Kiseki thought it was merely fake stunts pulled by actors for entertainment. However, as they grew older, they began to realize the truth about what the Games were and how cruel it was.

When Ichiru and Kiseki were fourteen, a girl with whom both of them had become close to named Amber was chosen for the Games. Neither Ichiru nor Kiseki were picked, and much to both twinsí dismay, their parents would let neither of them volunteer to stay by her side. Amber was killed shortly after the games started, the loss devastating both twins - especially Ichiru, who had had a very close bond with her. Although Kiseki still interacted with other people their age, Ichiru began to close himself off to others, having become afraid to get close to anyone else with the possibility of losing them as well.

After the death of Amber, tension began to develop within the family. For reasons unknown to the rest of them, James still supported the Capitol even after the event and knowing everything that was really going on. He thought it was mere entertainment and nothing to be concerned about. Ichiru and Kiseki couldnít believe how heartless their father was toward the death of one of their closest friends, and slowly began to resent their father - especially Ichiru, who had never been on good terms with him to begin with.

The tension that had been hidden in the household for all of the previous years slowly began to rise and worsen with this issue, eventually leading James and their mother, Isobel to get a divorce. The twins were split up in the chaos, although Jamesí original choice was to take Kiseki and Kotomi, Ichiru refused to allow his younger siblings to be alone with the older man and was taken by himself to District Three while Kiseki and Kotomi remained in District Four with Isobel.

It has only been a year since Ichiru and James left, and the bond between the two is no better - only worse. They never really speak to each other, and when they do itís shortened to only a few words. Ichiru never stays home long enough to the older man to insult or mentally/emotionally abuse him any longer, keeping himself busy with studying and finding means for food constantly. He hates having to live with the man who caused so much chaos for his family, but he feels relief in knowing that Kiseki, Kotomi and Isobel can all live peacefully now.

Over the year that he has lived in District Three, Ichiru decided to put his focus on learning about electronics and firearms in order to take his mind off of the worries and anger. In District Four, Kiseki has taken on the responsibility to catch fish for the family to eat, and is sometimes accompanied by Kotomi. He worries about Ichiru being alone with James, but knows that he has to focus on keeping his family safe and fed. All any of them can hope now is that none of the teenagers are picked for the Games.

Other: Kisekiís older twin

Name: Kiseki Kagami

Age: 18

Gender: Male

What District youíre from: District Four


Kiseki is the mirror image of his brother, with jet black hair that falls down to the nape of his neck which is always a ruffled mess. His bangs come down a little past his nose and sway to the right, rather than the left, normally covering his right eye. His eyes are a piercing emerald green, and normally can portray any emotion he is feeling with ease. His skin is a shade darker than Ichiruís, although still on the pale side, and is smooth and blemish-free.

Personality: Kisekiís personality is more or less summed up as a Ďball of endless energyí. The complete opposite of his brother, he is a very friendly and energetic person, and loves to make new friends. Although he is very smart, Kiseki can be somewhat clueless and/or dense at times. Heís a bit emotional - possibly too much so for a guy, but that just makes him all the more loveable. He isnít angered easily at all, and even when he is, itís easy to calm him back down. He doesnít particularly like to fight, even though he is extremely stubborn. However, if the situation calls for it, he will.

Although Kiseki has a very forgiving and sweet nature, if his trust is betrayed, it can be extremely difficult - if not impossible to get it back. However, with loyalty being one of his strongest traits, Kiseki would never abandon someone who needed help - even if it was a stranger. He hates to see others in pain, be it physically or emotionally and is willing to do anything in his power to help them.

History: See Ichiru's SU.

Other: Ichiruís younger twin
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