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Default Re: General Submissions and News

Originally Posted by yungnate View Post
I hope I meet your Requirements, im just checking out your blog and i just love the pokemon theme on it! been a fan of the game since blue on gbc.

Theres this instrumtental track where i sample route 4 on pokemon blue. I just wanted you to check it out Hope you enjoy it!

It's very well done. You're up on the site!

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
Type: Multi-Forum Event

Normally, I would submit this under Roleplay, but seeing as how it's a multi-forum event and larger than a typical roleplay, I feel that this is the appropriate place to post this. I'll make another submission in Roleplay once the actual event gets underway.

The event itself is Forum War II, the second event in a series that was originally PE2K V. GTS+. The premise is simple: It's an RP where the members of different forums represent their forum as a faction in one large RP. In this case, the participating forums are, GTS+, and PE2K, with the RP this year being hosted at PE2K.

I'm hoping to get as much of a turnout as I can, and hopefully a news post will get a lot of the PE2K community involved.

Sounds good. I've asked Eternal Moonlight to handle this since this is her section as editor.
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