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Default Re: Judge Vs Trainer

Round One


HP: 100%
Energy: 100%

Judge Dredd

HP: 100%

Two trainers came to meet in a Haunted Mansion because both wanted to pit their pets against each other to the death! Burns, paralyzing, making an opponent sick, attacking with weapons such as lightening, bare fists, and rocks;these are all methods of murderering your opponent! The first trainer sent out a Litwick. The second trainer, sent out Wisp, a Rotom.

Wisp was fast. Much faster. It was so fast it could hover around Litwick several times in a row before Litwick could light its wick. Wisp wanted to start the match with some kind of advantage and what better way to get that advantage than to paralyze your opponent? Wisp took aim and from its body came a few small waves of electricity. The electricity zapped the tiny Litwick, causing no damage to its body, but leaving it in a paralyzed state. (Wisp -4 energy) (Litwick paralyzed -6 spd)

Litwick, poor Litwick. It was ready to imprision its opponent. It tried to focus but the small fire type couldn't bring its body to pull of the move. It tried and tried but its body just would not respond from the command from its brain. (Litwick full paralyzed)

Wisp was pleased with the start of the match and only wanted to tilt the battle in its favor. It began creating a screen made of light to cover its body and protect itself from certain attacks. Wisp hovered with its new armor and watched the suffering Litwick. (Wisp -6 energy Light Screen in place)

Litwick wanted to have SOMETHING going for it. It created from its wick, a hot, blue flame. Once the flame was just the right size, it hurled the flame towards Wisp. The flame was HOT! Wisp shook its head as the burn took over its body, causing a severe and uncomfortable feeling. (Litwick -3 energy) (Wisp burned -2ATK)

Wisp recoiled as its body began to burn. The immense pain took a small toll on Wisp. (Wisp -4 HP)


HP: 100%
Energy: 97%
Paralyzed -6SPD
Condition: Can't move...

Judge Dredd

HP: 96%
Burned -2ATK, Light Screen will end after next round
Condition: Too hot...
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