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Default Re: The Hunger Games

Please put me down for a reserve for the male tribute for District 11. Also, I'm assuming that this is taking place in an alternate timeline, and if so, where does the break occur?

Sign-Up #1
Name: Victus
Age: 16
Gender: Male
What District you're in: Eleven
Appearance: Victus is a large specimen for his age, or any age really. He stands at six foot four, although his poor posture can create the illusion that he's a still-impressive six feet. Coupled with his length in setting him apart from the usual citizen of District Eleven is Victus's musculature. Despite the near starvation level of rationing, Victus has built himself up to possessing roughly the same raw power as a tank through his constant work in the fields. Every part of Victus's body ripples with muscles; he might even be considered attractive if it weren't for his flaws. If Victus somehow developed the desire to crush someone's skull between his palms, there would be little one could do to stop him. Victus's physicality is not limited to brute force though, he has an incredible level of endurance as well. Despite his meandering style of walking, Victus is capable of running several miles without stop, although that isn't a skill that can be practiced in District Eleven without attracting the wrong kind of attention.

With his muscles and bald head, Victus could be mistaken as an aspiring Peacekeeper. But when someone looks with more attention than that expended in a glance, they see the milky hue of Victus's blind right eye and the dull gaze in his working golden-brown left eye. Physical limitations aside, Victus's mass of scars also mark him as someone who's gotten on the wrong side of the authorities more than once. His massive arms are covered in faded bruises, old burns, and a criss-cross of scars. The parts of him that are covered are just as bad; Victus's back has suffered more whippings than that of any other citizen of District Eleven in recent memory. Yet he still walks, still lives, if what he suffers can be considered living.

Finally, Victus's outfit consists only of the standard-issue white shirt, now dirty and ragged, and brown shorts, the longest available, but still not extending far past Victus's kneecaps. Though he only owns one set of clothing at a time, Victus's constant imprisonments before his public beatings keep him supplied with more-or-less fresh new clothing before the current one can be worn out. Like most of the inhabitants of District Eleven, Victus goes barefoot everywhere, shoes being a luxury far beyond his grasp.

Personality: Victus is mentally retarded, which isn't a rarity in District Eleven's brutalized and malnourished population. No, what makes Victus unique is that he has had this disablility and survived this long. That's what he is, a survivor. The punishment he takes is physically bearable, but the widespread hatred of the citizens of District Eleven have made Victus distraught and depressed. But he cannot express his loneliness, and even if he could, Victus has no one with whom to share his feelings. So his sadness has finally manifested as a death wish. Victus did not enter the Hunger Games for fame or wealth, but as the best way to escape his fate. The massive teenager actually possesses a kind heart, but his sympathy and generosity are all-too often rejected by the recipients of it.

Victus wasn't fazed by this, but the constant reinforcement of his own worthlessness has destroyed his will to change. He lives his life in a never-ending cycle with few variations. The only end to the wheel of isolation and frequent beatings is through death. But Victus doesn't want to go quietly, no, his end needs to be a vindication of his existence, a reaffirmation of his humanity. Considering his pacific tendencies, self-defense and protecting someone he views as needing his help will likely be the only ways to get Victus to actually fight in these games.

History: Victus has always been alone. He was found on the streets of District Eleven and taken to a group home to live with the children of the many casualties that the harsh life of harvesting claimed. The only clue to his parentage was a silver necklace with an amulet that read "Invictus". Though the trinket was pawned off very quickly by a caretaker, the word became this orphan's name, shortening to Victus because it was easier for him to pronounce. The difficulty with his name, and the uselessness of his right eye were the only outward signs that this child was different. But when working with the other children, Victus always had more difficulty understanding directions, though his physical strength allowed him to finish the job easily once it was phrased to him in a simpler manner. Victus was isolated, shunned by the other children for his seeming stupidity. Even the younger arrivals at the orphanage would taunt him to his face, despite the great care that he showed them. Victus was provided with a small settlement and a full-time job in the fields at the age of twelve, two years later than the orphanage's normal policy.

Growing food, Victus still didn't connect much with others. Any attempts to be friendly were few and far-between, abandoned in favor of ignoring the strange, mute boy. His work in the fields made Victus grow strong and the repitition of his work was all he knew. What he had in extra rations, he would leave at the orphanage, unaware of the contempt that he was treated with. It was the same all through District Eleven, Victus's reputation as a retarded oaf spread quickly. One might think that this contempt would lead to Victus quickly being chosen or volunteered for the Hunger games, but in fact Victus was kept from the games until this year. The local leaders and, more importantly, their superiors in Capitol thought that having a retard compete in the games would dishonor the games and encourage the funneling of less-than-desirable contestants. That was why Victus was not only the only eligible male in District Eleven without a single name submitted for the Reaping.

Those in power thought that their problem was solved, but they neglected to cut Victus off from the games completely. As such, he watched every year with awe and wonder as twenty-four teenagers battled one another to the death. By the time of the one-hundred-and-twelfth Reaping, his mind was made up. He wasn't immune to the cold shoulder that the entire District was giving him, and wanted out of the lonely life that he was living. Yes, the Games were brutal and uncompromising, but the possibility of an alliance, or even a friendship, with another tribute was very appealing to Victus. So he went to sign-up for extra rations, the only way he could possibly get his name into the Reaping, though he had no idea. After watching others make their requests for additional rations of Tessera, it was Victus's turn. When asked how many times he wanted to submit his name, Victus said the largest number he could think of: One million. Of course, there wasn't that much Tessera in stock, but they gave Victus what was left. After loading it all into two carts that he pulled with one hand each, Victus dropped them off at the orphanage.

On the day of the Reaping, Victus was selected as the male tribute, much to the chagrin of District Eleven's mayor. Nobody volunteered to take his place, and despite pouring over the rules, there was no legitimate reason to disqualify him. Across Panem, Victus was treated as a joke, an essential forfeiture on District Eleven's part, but he didn't plan on winning. Victus planned on dying.

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Other: Kei7137

Sign-Up #2
Name: Auram Ubralles
Age: 16
Gender: Female
What District you're in: Two
Appearance: Auram is lithe and athletic from a lifetime of training for the Hunger Games. She has rust-colored hair, kept in a pixie cut to ensure that it can't be used against her. Her green eyes are playful when she smiles, but calculating when she's not.

She wears a light spring jacket over a plain, sleeveless black top just as Auram hides her real personality from the world at large. Her pants are also black and contain several pockets for keeping equipment close. Finishing her outfit is a pair of steel-toed boots, a luxury that Auram's family is high enough in District Two's social ladder to afford.

Personality: Auram is a sociopath, possessing no sense of common human morals or decency. But she's deceiving, and that's what makes her dangerous. Outwardly, Auram is friendly and chipper, a happy girl who didn't deserve to be shipped off to the Hunger Games. She is quick to start up a conversation and has a perennial sunny disposition. If things aren't looking their best, Auram is eager to look on the bright side and cheer others up as well. But that's only the mask she wears, underneath, Auram sees every other living thing as a pawn and a possible source of entertainment. Whether it's breaking hearts or cutting throats, Auram has no qualms against hurting other people as long as she is enjoying herself. Self-preservation and entertainment are her only concerns, the bonds of friendship and blood mean nothing to her if the chips are down or if it's be good for a laugh.

As far as talents go, Auram is incredibly adept at causing harm with the most ordinary and mundane of tools, but prefers fire. Her pyromania developed during her house arrest and was actually one of the most compelling reasons for her to continue being a tribute. What the Capitol doesn't suspect though is that Auram has no affinity to them, despite her District. But she also has no great hatred for them. Auram's only loyalty is to herself, and her perfect world would be an anarchistic dog-eat-dog nightmare. Auram is a wild-card, an agent of chaos.

History: Auram was raised to be a Career. Her great-grandfather was a victor in the Hunger Games, and it was a family tradition that the first-born child always be trained to be a participant in the Hunger Games. As such, Auram grew up with unlimited access to all of the resources needed to become a lethal force of nature. But when she was twelve, the unexpected happened. The psychologists that her parent hired were content to just chalking her up as a bad seed, but a life of privilege and training to disregard human lives had turned Auram Ubralles into a sociopath. From the various weapons she had been provided with and common household objects, the girl had crafted multiple bombs and distributed them around the district. Four people died and two dozen more were injured. Her family's connections were good enough to shift the blame to some underground remnant of the rebellion, but they couldn't stop Auram from being placed under house arrest and observed very carefully. Her parents were now afraid of their daughter, but they continued to train her to be a Career.

Four years of intensive training later, Auram had convinced the guards who were supposed to watch her that she was no threat. They were so convinced that she wasn't dangerous that, on the day of the Reaping, the two soldiers on duty watched the opening ceremonies before the choosing of Tributes more than they watched her. It was a terrible mistake. Using her great-grandfather's foil, Auram killed both men and fled the house, using the distraction of the Reaping as a cover for her escape. But she wasn't leaving the district, she was heading straight for the crowd of people gathered for the Reaping. When the male tribute's name was called, as was traditional, one boy, agreed on by the other Career families, volunteered to take their place. But when the female tribute's name was drawn, Auram's voice joined that of the pre approved volunteer. The crowd parted and the two girls saw each other. Another drawing was convened with just two names in the running. Even as the Peacekeepers were making their way to District Two's central square, Auram was chosen to be the female tribute.

Rather than lock this unstable girl up, Auram was allowed to enter the Hunger Games because it was believed that her callous disregard for life would make this year's games much more exciting. Pulling her out of the games would have also required reasoning and could potentially have revealed Auram's past crimes. The organizers were much more concerned about the credibility of the Hunger Games than with the reprecussions of allowing a proven killer into the games.

RP sample: Something Recent
Other: Kei7137
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