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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Oh my god, I would love something like that. I would be so happy. I have a mic headset (i think) that's hiding in my closet somewhere. Hopefully it's still in working condition. Would others be willing to do that?
I could do in a few weeks. I kinda killed my cheap mic headset, so I wouldn't be able to do anything until I has some money that should be coming to me about next week?

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
XDDD I dunno that either really count as "mafia dancing"
If I say "I'm the Godfather" throughout it, it could be? xD

I was curious about getting a USB Studio Condenser Mic w/ pop screen round about 78.98 (you convert the moneyz, I ain't doing it for ya!), but I'm starting to think a cheaper choice (like a PC gaming headset w/ mic) might be better off? xD I also wants to get me some video editing software and a webcam for my PC with the money as well :P (I has Media Studies in College which might require these things, but I also wanna do "Let's Play" videos because I get easily scared at horror games, as well as because I have an AWESOME personality! :L lol)


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