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Default Re: Foxamivalth vs Eishiba


Larvesta (M)
HP: 49%
Energy: 40%
Condition: Resigned to his fate


[Berenstein] Ursaring (M)
HP: 78%
Energy: 53%
Condition: Feeling ready to start smashing; +5 Attack, +1 Speed; Poisoned

Round 8

Berenstien smirked, knowing the little larva was just about finished. Scratching his claws together, the bear began to glow with a bright yellow aura once more. With a growl that slowly escalated into a roar, Berenstien charged at Larvesta. The fire Pokémon could only watch in horror as the Ursaring brought is mighty paws down on it. Larvesta let out a cry of pain, feeling slightly smashed under the force of the blow. He was surprised to find, however, that he was still able to keep his eyes open. The attack had almost KO’d him, but not quite.
[Berenstien: -6 Energy| Larvesta: -46 HP]
(Critical hit rolled a 5835, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 37 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Planning to use his final seconds to bring some lasting pain to the Urasing that towered over him, Larvesta gathered his energy within his chest. The air around him began to heat up, and three sparkling embers appeared, coated in a flickering purple flame. Berenstien growled and tried to move back quickly, but the embers were already rushing at him, burning into the fur on his chest. With a roar of fury, he swiped at the charred fur to try and stem the pain, but it was no use. The burn left him seething in anger, and Berenstien wasn’t going to let that Larvesta get away with it.
[Larvesta: -3 Energy| Berenstien: BRN; -2 ATK]
(Accuracy rolled a 34 where rolling more than 75 resulted in this action missing the target.)

With another nearly earth-shaking roar, Berenstien ran at the small larva. The same energy that had surrounded him before reappeared around his body. Larvesta simply closed his eyes, knowing this was the end. The pain was brief, and the fire Pokémon fell to the ground with a drawn out groan. Perhaps he would be able to defeat this foe later on…when he was stronger.
[Berenstien: -6 Energy| Larvesta: -42 HP]
(Critical hit rolled a 3693, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 47 where rolling more than 100 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Berenstien roared in triumph, but was cut short due to the pain that was currently affecting him. The poison coursing through his veins, as well as his charred skin, hurt him a great deal. That Larvesta had really left a mark…
[Berenstien: -7 HP]

Round 8 End


Larvesta (M)
HP: 0%
Energy: 37%
Condition: KO


[Berenstein] Ursaring (M)
HP: 71%
Energy: 41%
Condition: In a bit of pain; +3 Attack, +1 Speed; PSN, BRN

Fox’s remaining Pokémon:
- Drapion (73%/72%)
- Larvesta (FAINTED)

Eishiba’s remaining Pokémon:
- Berenstien (71%/41%)
- Blaziken (FAINTED)

Ref Notes:
- I went through this battle so many times to find out which Pokémon you both had already used XD
- I feel very bad for that Larvesta

Fox, please send out your Pokémon and give your orders.


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