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[Pupmon/Morimon-Dayton Ohio, U.S.][Role: True Digidestined][Arp: None really, maybe DoH]

Pupmon stopped cold, halfway through a loaf of bread that now stuck out of his mouth. He gulped down the rest of it and began to glow, then abruptly Digivolved to Morimon. For a Rookie he was fairly large and could hold his own against most things, but this made him shiver.

His orange eyes glowed and he growled lowly, jumping as nimbly as a gazelle out of one of the windows that had been broken from the deafenening boom. He ran a few more paces and stopped, looking up at the sky.

Above him what should have been a twilight colored space filled with stars was now pitch black. An enormous hole, not unlike a black hole, was tearing apart the sky. Little particles of data and digital matrices could be seen in and coming from the hole.

Morimon growled so harshly it almost sounded like the muffled roar of a jackhammer. "Anarcomon." He spat under his breath. He knew it had to be the evil Digimon's doing. Though he had no idea what Anarcomon looked like, he had also know it was he who destroyed the Thunder Plains. If he was capable of things like that, he was more than capable of something like this.

[Briskmon/Isamon - Polar Icecap, Digital World][Role: True Digidestined][Arp: Sheepat]

Briskmon closed her eyes in shock as the battle spread out before her. The Candlemon had evolved and was battling two Digimon at once. Briskmon opened her eyes again, narrowing them. How mean! I'm gonna freeze them so bad they won't defrost for a millenium. she thought.

Briskmon was engulfed in a bright light. She felt an energy surge, coming from the area itself, and welcomed it. When she next opened her eyes, she was faintly aware of the shining plates of ice covering her face and paws.

She ran a paw across her nose in a confident sort of manner. "Now this isn't very fair is it?" She asked, grinning. Her long black claws scraped the ice as she moved forward a few feet. "Howling Blizzard Blast!" She roared, unleashing a bright blue blast of frigid energy from her jaws.

It struck the Mojyamon, freezing solid one of his legs to the knee. "Double teaming isn't nice, and neither is picking on a little Digimon looking for her momma." She growled, her smile turning to a frown as she slunk heavily forward toward the three opposing Digimon.
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