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Default Re: Your Black/White Team?

Before I show my team, I'm saying this once: I have beaten the game, traded, and used Pokemon Dream World to get some of my team, so I don't want to hear, "Impossible" and stuff like that. Anyways, here is my team.

Pokemon Name/Nickname/Gender/Level/Ability/Item

Serperior/Leafy/Male/100/Overgrow/Meadow Plate

Unfezant/Birdie/Female/100/Super Luck/Sharp Beak

Dialga/DIALGA/None/100/Pressure/Adamanant Orb


Arceus/Arcy/None/100/Multitype/Draco Plate

Shiny Dodrio/Dodrio/Male/100/Early Bird/Leftovers

I hope you like my team!

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