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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

A few moments of silence passed after Aiden spoke, with Kotomi looking at the ground as well. Aiden somehow expected to be yelled at when she gave a sigh a few moments later, looking back up at her as she too took her gaze off of the ground.

"You're right... you did help her." She said with a nod, bringing the Original to look at her with something akin to shock. "I guess watching you compel her brought back some bad memories... when we were here nineteen years ago when Klaus was still alive he had compelled Ichiru to turn off his humanity. Even though it didn't last very long it still caused pain for everyone. He was able to fight it because of his love for Ashley. That was when Ashley was still human, but was forced to turn..."

Aiden looked at the ground again as well after the younger Vampire explained the reason for her anger. It made sense that all of them would have been shocked and even angered from his actions, considering the last time one of them was compelled it had been a horrible and painful time for them.

“I had no idea…” He said softly, although when he looked back up, he noticed that Kotomi’s aura had brightened, and a smile was now on her face as she looked at him, taking his hand in hers.

"We should go back to the house. Jeremy will probably be there soon." She said, leaning up to give him a small kiss, bringing a slight smile to Aiden’s face as well. He gave a nod in response, silently following the younger girl back toward the boarding house. He knew he still had to tell her about what he had remembered, but it could wait.

A little over an hour had passed since Ashley and Bonnie had left, and Kotomi and Aiden had already returned. There didn’t seem to be any tension between the two, which Kiseki and Ichiru assumed meant that everything had been talked out. However, Aiden seemed distracted by something, remaining quiet the entire time he was back.

The front door suddenly opened, and all three Vampires looked to see Ashley, Bonnie and Jeremy walk into the house, the latter carrying shopping bags in each hand.

"Daddy!" Diana yelled upon seeing the older man, quickly getting up from the couch and throwing herself into Jeremy’s arms.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine now. I'm really really glad you're okay." Diana responded to her father’s question with a nod, bringing a smile to his face.

"Did daddy give you two a bath while I was gone?" Ichiru looked over to Ashley as she spoke to Abigail and Scarlet, although Kiseki missed it due to joining the rest of the group as they gave Jeremy hugs.

"No, but he made us pancakes." Scarlet responded happily, and Kotomi chuckled as Ashley looked at Ichiru with a smile.

"I'm going to go give the girls a bath." She said as Ichiru returned the smile, giving a nod in response before the brunette motioned the toddlers upstairs. A knock came from the door shortly after, and when Damon walked over and opened it, Mason was standing in the doorway.

"Is Diana here?" He asked with a slight glare, though this quickly changed to shock when he saw Jeremy walking over to them. "Mr. Gilbert?"

"I need to talk to Mason." Bonnie quickly hurried outside along with Jeremy, Damon and Mason, although Diana didn’t follow, instead going into the kitchen with Lexi.

Kiseki noticed Aiden staring out the window absentmindedly from his place on one of the couches, bringing him to start to ask him what was wrong, but stopped when Damon, Jeremy, Bonnie and Mason returned inside. Everything seemed to have been cleared up, which was a relief. He was glad that Damon and Mason hadn’t gotten into a fight, judging from the tension he had seen between the two when the ginger had come in.

He looked back over to Aiden as Ichiru went to greet Jeremy now that he had the chance, although the Original’s attention had shifted from the window to Kotomi, who seemed to have noticed something outside. Kiseki followed his gaze over to the dark haired Vampire, who was currently heading outside.

"I'll be right back." Aiden heard her say, glancing up at Kiseki, who had the same look of question on his face that reflected how he was feeling.

“I’m gonna end up getting dumped for being too nosy…” Aiden joked quietly as he rose from the couch, bringing Kiseki to chuckle softly, although he stepped out of the Original’s way as he headed outside. He had sensed the change in Kotomi’s emotions as well, so he knew that Aiden had to. It made sense that he couldn’t relax after what had happened the day before.

When Aiden stepped outside, he didn’t see anyone else; just Kotomi standing there alone.

“Hey, are you okay?” He asked as he walked up beside her, concern becoming clear in his expression.
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