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Default Re: White Knight vs. The Sensei

A small crowd had gathered at one of the Pokemon World's many, many Pokemon arenas, having gotten word that a good battle would be taking place that day. They were not to be disappointed. Standing on the outskirts of the field itself were White Knight and The Sensei, and in their looks it was evident that the most serious of business was about to take place. According to his place as challenger, White Knight drew his Pokeball first and tossed it, releasing a tall creature with purple skin and what appeared to be magenta pants around its wide hips. On its head was a strange crest of the same magenta. It swayed slightly as it watched The Sensei, waiting to see what would happen next.

The Sensei frowned in thought for a moment before releasing a small reptile onto the field. The little creature was a biped like its opponent, with scaly green hide and a large, pine-green crest on its large head. Two long, dull tusks protruded from the sides of its mouth, above which glinted eager red eyes. There was little further ado. Orders were barked out, and the battle began proper.

White Knight

[Sheya] Medicham (F)
Ability: Pure Power
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Ready to get her zen on. [+4 ATK]
Fake Out ~ Reflect

The Sensei

[-] Axew (M)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Determined to win!
Dragon Dance/Dragon Pulse ~ Aerial Ace

Round One

For a heartbeat, all was silent. Then Sheya rushed forward, her graceful lavender feet throwing up little puffs of dust on the gritty battlefield. As she ran, she lifted her arms over her head. Her palms began to glow with a faint blue aura. Sheya continued to run until she was practically on top of Axew, when she stopped, leaving the little dragon staring at her in shock. The Medicham lowered her hands then, clapping them together and causing bright blue shockwaves to resonate out of her palms and right at Axew, who was thrown back by the force of it. He landed in a heap at the other end of the field, still dazed with shock.
[Fake Out: Sheya, -5% Energy; Axew, -8% HP]
[Flinch: Axew, -0% Energy]

Sheya, smooth and calm as always, moved into her next tactic with ease. After taking a few steps back, she lifted her arms again. This time she put her focus to a less brutal use; around her body the air began to shimmer, and a golden sphere of energy flickered into existence around her. It wasn't impregnable, but the sphere would be certain to slow down any frontal assault Axew could throw her way.
[Reflect: Sheya, -6% Energy]

Meanwhile, Axew was having struggles. He was bruised, although not too badly; he was covered in dust, however, and his pride had been thoroughly thrashed. Glaring at Sheya with fury and indignation in his young face, he rushed forward, his stubby legs moving fast as they could go. The tip of his nose began to glow as his speed increased; as he neared his foe he leaped, the glowing point branching out into trails of light. He slammed into Sheya's barrier, taking out his speed; however, the audience could still hear the solid thump of impact as he his Sheya herself. The Medicham was knocked back a few feet. She hopped back up quickly, however, ready to begin the next round.
[Aerial Ace: Sheya, -6% HP; Axew, -13% Energy]

White Knight

[Sheya] Medicham (F)
Ability: Pure Power
Health: 94%
Energy: 89%
Status: Unfazed. [+4 ATK, Reflect until end of next round]

The Sensei

[-] Axew (M)
Ability: Mold Breaker
Health: 92%
Energy: 87%
Status: That could have gone better.

Ref Notes
Fake Out's Crit Roll was 17; 1-6.25 for crit.
Aerial Ace's Crit Roll was 23; 1-6.25 for crit.
I think I'm forgetting something.

White Knight, your moves please.
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