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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

Thanks for the feedback guys. I totally love Flappy too. XD I know that those two lines, and also maybe 54 and 55 are kinda similar to each other, but you have to also realize that while they look cool Pokemon are also simple as far as design and lineart goes. Just look at Bulbasaur and Ivysaur or Herdier and Stoutland. They look very similar, but stand out because of simple things like color and adding a few more lines to the picture. I kinda tried to do that because I didn't want them to be too complex. Also, in reality the fakemon in question are actually different colors. Toxulf is, obviously, purple. Lycanoxious is actually this like, maroonish/raspberry color that reminds me of poison/poison type pokemon, and Werewaste is actually a combination of purple and the color used for Lycanoxious. As for Snoppard, it is actally turquoise with light turquoise fur. Frigippard is light turquoise with very very light ice blue fur. Leopizzard is actually white with ice blue spots. It just doesn't seem that way because my scanner hates to produce quality images and colored pencils. If I had Copic markers or something these would probably look better. Anyways, thank you for the feedback. ^^

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