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Default Re: Typhlosion Explosion vs. Metal Gear Snivy (REF: 5TailedDemonLizard)

Metal Gear Snivy

[Reisen] Venonat (F)
Ability: Compoundeyes
HP: 86%
Energy: 78%
Condition: Well, that’s annoying… ;+1 ACC, -6 SPD; PRZ

Typhlosion Explosion

[Pup] Riolu (M)
Ability: Steadfast
HP: 100%
Energy: 78%
Condition: Ready to deal some damage!!; +2 ATK

Round 3

Pup observed his opponent, who was now quite peeved that it couldn’t move. With a slight smirk appearing on his face, Pup took a deep breath. Upon exhaling, he let out a ear-splitting screech that made both battlers wince. Thankfully, I had earplugs for this kind of situation. However, Reisen did not, and felt his body quiver at the sudden sound. The ringing in his ears took over everything else, and he wouldn’t be able to focus as easily on Pup’s attacks.
[Pup: -3 Energy| Reisen: -2 DEF]
(Accuracy rolled a 21 where rolling more than 85 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Reisen had heard her trainer’s orders though, and was going to carry them out even if her ears were stinging. She felt a slight objection from her muscles, but she found that she could move. Not well, but it was still movement. Shaking her fluffy purple body, Reisen allowed the spores that had been trapped near her skin come to the surface. She ran closer to Pup, shaking the spores his way. The Riolu swatted at them, seeming to think they weren’t much of a threat. That was until they burned his skin and stung his throat. Letting out a cry of surprise, the Riolu jumped back from Reisen, who chuckled with victory.
[Reisen: -1 Energy| Pup: PSN]
(Paralysis Roll was 4340 where any result less than or equal to 7500 resulted in Reisen successfully carrying out its orders.)

Snarling, Pup wiped some of the excess spores off of his blue body. That little bug was going to get it. Much like he had done last round, the Riolu gathered his energy into the palm of his hand. Running forward, he slammed it into Reisen, who was again thrown back. The attack didn’t do much damage, but Reisen was already stinging slightly. That attack didn’t do much to help. Grumbling in frustration, Reisen got back on her feet and prepared her last attack of the round.
[Pup: -8 Energy| Reisen: -7 HP]
(Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 5. No Effect)

Reisen let her mind calm as she prepared her next move. The paralysis didn’t come back to haunt her this action, and she found she could think quite clearly. Pup looked down at his body as it began to glow with a slight pink aura. What was this? He was about to think nothing of it, at least until he was thrown back into the air. He let out a yelp as he hit the ground, skidding along it for a few moments. Reisen snickered at the Riolu’s pain, feeling quite confident in her abilities now.
[Reisen: -9 Energy| Pup: -8 HP]
(Paralysis Roll was 835 where any result less than or equal to 9000 resulted in Reisen successfully carrying out its orders. Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 4. No Effect)

Pup got to his feet, vowing to deal even more damage to that pesky gnat the next round. He felt something inside of him burn, and winced lightly as the poison began to take effect. That would be annoying in rounds to come…
[Pup: -3 HP]

Round 3 End

Metal Gear Snivy

[Reisen] Venonat (F)
Ability: Compoundeyes
HP: 79%
Energy: 68%
Condition: Phew..;+1 ACC, -6 SPD, -2 DEF; PRZ

Typhlosion Explosion

[Pup] Riolu (M)
Ability: Steadfast
HP: 89%
Energy: 67%
Condition: How dare that bug poison me!; +2 ATK; PSN

TE’s Pokémon:
- Riolu
- ???
- ???

MGS’s Pokémon:
- Venonat
- Azurill (100%/96%)
- ???

Ref Notes:

- MGS, the PRZ roll likes you a lot XD

TyphlosionExplosion, your moves please.


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