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Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio

The explosion was deafening, as Lexin awoke, his eyes popping open as images of destruction raced through his mind. Of a Major Stream exploding, obliterating part of London. Digimon and people screaming, Angle, in his Mega form of Seraphimon, dueling off against a WarGreymon. Lexin knew immediately. Another Stream had been destroyed.

Angle had digivolved from the energy, back into his regular Angemon form. He grunted a bit in surprise, and looked down at his partner.

“I know,” Lexin said, looking around. Debris was strewn about, and the girl's parents were running around frantically.

“The girl is Kilara,” Angle said quickly, searching around the kitchen for any victims, “The other girl is Laura, and the boys are John and Keith,” The Angemon turned around, “Where's Terry?”

A Rapidmon burst through a small space that was too tiny for it. He looked around awkwardly. Why was everything so low now?

“Well well,” Lexin said, “If it isn't Terry, the Rapidmon.”

The Ultimate Digimon looked now at his giant hands- no, guns- in surprise. His ears had grown large, and he was covered in armor, save for his stomach, which as very thing. He wasn't fat anymore, unlike as a Gargomon.

“Hi, guys,” Terry said, blushing a bit.

“We don't have time,” Angle said, “Let's head outside, look for survivors.”

“There won't be many, Angle,” Lexin replied, “We've been through this before.”

“This isn't like the London Eye!” the Angemon yelled, “This is a neighborhood! Let's get to work!”

Andrew Starker, True Digidestined
Polar Icecap, Digital World
ARP: Obliveon

The new Digimon breathed onto the Mojyamon, freezing his leg up to the knee. Matthias grunted in surprise.

“You want ice?” he said, “I'll give you ice-”

A sudden sonic boom, as data started flying everywhere. Matthias suddenly screamed, as a large chunk of a house smashed into him, turning him into data that went into the SkullSatamon.

The Ultimate Digimon glowed, and grew. His staff disappeared, and he donned biker clothes. A tail slithered along the cold earth like a snake, ready to strike. A Beelzemon, the SkullSatamon's Mega form.

“Well this is unexpected,” Beelzemon said, grinning, “I hope you like death.”

The sonic boom had digivolved Casper into Mistymon, the wizard holding his flaming sword.

“We're at a disadvantage here, Andrew,” the Ultimate said, “We're up against two Megas. That polar bear- she won't last long against Adam.”

“I know,” Andrew replied, and his eye caught something in the distance. An idea was forming in his head, but he needed time.

“Casper, pull out of the fight.”


“Just do it!”

The Mistymon grimaced, as he deflected bullets from Beelzemon, but he jumped out quickly.

“Can you distract them?” Andrew asked the polar bear, “We need more time! Just delay them, play with them!”

“Don't try it,” Adam said, “It won't work.”

“Like you know anything, Adam,” Andrew growled, his voice being carried away by the wind. Casper kneeled, the data in his body forming itself, ready to restructure his form. It was almost ready.

OOC: The sonic boom was from the Major Stream, in case anyone wondered.
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