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Default Re: Latio-Reol v. narphoenix

Why must Scyez be the only defense? Note to self, get Electric and/or Grass Type to deal with Water Types later...

Scyez (Female Shiny Lucario)
Description: Scyez was never, ever, EVER sane. She was completely off her rocker the moment she was born, and sees Pokemon battles as a rough-yet still fun-game, and little more. In this sense, she has a knack of doing the most absurd things in a battle...Like clinging onto her opponent. In these scenarios, the Pokemon she's clinging onto is incapable of sucessfully attacking her for that action only. This also has priority over Quick Attack, Extremespeed, ect. However, Scyez must have at least a neutral speed modifyer, or else, the attack fails. Due to the rough nature of battles, Scyez will peck at the opponent like this, the amount of damage equivelant to her Speed modifyer.
Type: Normal
Base Power: (Current Speed ModifyerX10)+15 (If her speed mod is 0, then base is 15-if Speed mod is 6, base 75. Savvy?)
Accuracy: 95%. Goes down to zero if she has a Speed mod lower than 0.
Energy Mod: 5%
Priority: 2
Effects: Scyez will cling onto her target, meaning for the duration of the opponent's action, the Pokemon will fail at any action relating to attacking Scyez. If a opposing Pokemon that isn't the Target attacks, Scyez will take 1/2 of the damage while the foe takes 1/2 as well (Types applied). Double Team will work, but Scyez won't be fooled and will know which foe to attack, because Scyez clinged to the original and henceforth knows which one it is (In double/triple battles, the other Pokemon will not know). Scyez will attack harder if her Speed mod is higher than 0, but cannot attack if her Speed mod is lower than 0. If Scyez is outsped by her target that turn, the attack fails as well. Damage is applied as normal. Scyez will get off before the next turn starts.
Usage Gap: She can't use this for two rounds after she initially uses it.

Tutor Move: N/A
Obtained as Starter.
Evolved at the Evolution Dojo.

...Hmph. Let's get everything going, shall we? First off, Dark Pulse, immediately. Unless he protects or renders the move unusable, or something or that nature. This should mean you should use Swords Dance. Immediately afterwards, just Circle Throw. If he uses Protect on that particular action, just use Swords Dance.

Dark Pulse/Swords Dance~Circle Throw/Swords Dance
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