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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

Kilara Blake | Impmon (IceDevimon) | DemiDevimon (Devimon)
Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
Role: True DigiDestined
Affected RPers: Sheepat, possibly Obliveon

I heard voices from the kitchen saying to look for survivors outside, though they were muffled and barely audible thanks to the roaring blaze of the buildings nearby. I could hear sirens as well, in the distance but quickly drawing nearer. There were random screams coming from outside, people who had lost their homes or shrieking for people trapped inside the burning houses. Laura and I caught each other’s eyes and I nodded once. She looked outside towards Birdramon, who had managed to get through one of the shattered windows just before Digivolving into a gargantuan bird. The avian spread her wings with a shriek as Laura carefully climbed through the window and joined her partner.

“We’ll get started, see what we can do about helping some of these people,” the girl said. I nodded and turned to my parents, who were staring outside with mixed expressions of shock , confusion, and fear. Devimon and IceDevimon were standing near them, their postures full of tension. When he noticed me looking at them, my father waved a hand towards the window.

“His doing?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“It’s getting worse,” Dad muttered, and Devimon made an aimless waving motion of his own.

“Indeed it is, but for now we need to focus on helping people that have been hurt or might be trapped,” he said. “I heard Lexin’s partners talking, they’ve Digivolved as well and are going to assist survivors. We should get out there and assist them; the ambulances are still a fair distance away and it’ll take time for them to get here.”

“For now, ya should head down ta tha basement,” IceDevimon added. “Seems like tha worst o’ it is over, but there might be more shockwaves comin’ that ain’t hit yet. Least it’s sturdy down there, no windows ta get glass all over ya, not a lotta stuff ta fall over ‘n’ such.”

“Be careful,” Mom replied. She and Dad then tuned and headed for the basement door, leaving me and the others. John was awake but didn’t seem to notice any of what was going on, and Keith had an expression of helpless anger on his face. I could tell he wanted to help, but until his partner’s data was sent back to the Digital World to be reconfigured, there wasn’t a lot he could do. After a moment he sighed and glanced at John.

“I’ll keep an eye on him, make sure nothing happens,” he said. “I guess we can go to the basement too, safest place for now.” He then stood and shifted John, getting the other boy’s arm around his shoulders and heaving him to his feet. The two then shuffled off after my parents, disappearing around a corner a few seconds later. I faced my partners and found both of them wearing dark expressions, but they didn’t say anything. There was nothing to say, seeing as we’d gone through this several times already. We knew what to expect and how to deal with it, so the only thing left to do was to get to it.

And so it went. IceDevimon was using his Avalanche Claw to smother the fire and clear the smoke in various places, leaving Devimon free to dart in and search for trapped residents. In roughly ten minutes we’d cleared three houses, saving a few trapped people and animals from the raging blazes and deadly smoke laying waste to the houses. We also managed to pull a man from his house, only to watch him succumb to vicious burns covering his entire body a few moments later. It was horrible top simply leave his body on the ground, but there was nothing to be done for him and there were other people who needed to be found before they met the same fate.

And then there were other buildings that had been either partially or fully demolished by the quake, not to mention the people caught in or under the debris. Some had been crushed, others mangled beyond recognition. Even though I’d seen such horrors before, I still couldn’t help but feel a sense of terror and sadness at the nightmarish scenes we were finding. For every person we saved or helped, we found scores of deceased. By the time we’d cleared a block I could feel an emotional numbness settling over my mind, giving me the ability to look past the corpses and destruction and focus on the task of saving lives. Later, when I had time to rest, I knew the emotional buffer would eventually break and allow all the fear and sorrow and awful images flood my thoughts and dreams; for now, it wasn’t something I could waste time dwelling on.

We rounded the corner and I spotted the outline of what appeared to be an Angemon in the distance. By now the sirens had grown louder and I could see flashes of light from the approaching fire trucks and ambulances. For now it would be best to try and find other areas that the emergency workers would be delayed in reaching, so we changed our course of direction and headed towards the Angemon. I couldn’t tell if he was the same one from earlier, though it seemed IceDevimon certainly recognized him.

“Let’s hope Pretty Boy ain’t tha kind ta blast first ‘n’ ask questions later,” he grumbled under his breath. “Last thing we need is ‘im tryin’ ta blow us up ‘cause he don’t take tha time ta realize we ain’t tha enemy.” I wasn’t quite sure why he was so concerned; after all, wasn’t this the same Angemon who was fighting with us earlier? Granted, all three of us were covered in dust, smoke, and smears of blood from the injured and deceased we’d been finding. It might be easy enough to mistake Devimon or IceDevimon as enemies, since if one didn’t know any better, it could appear as though they’d been out killing people. I decided to prevent that from happening, since we definitely didn’t need to get attacked by one of our allies.

“Hey! Any luck?” I called as we drew closer, motioning for Devimon and IceDevimon to remain behind me. With any luck it would be obvious they were my partners and not random murderous Digimon sent by Anarcomon to cause more confusion and mayhem. When the thought occurred to me I nervously scanned the skies, suddenly expecting a horde of enemies to descend upon us. The only Digimon I spotted was Birdramon, ripping away the roof of a smoldering house with her powerful talons. She then stuck one of her feet through the hole she’d made, and a few moments later she pulled back. I could see a shape huddled on the Digimon’s foot as she rose into the air, then landed in the street to let the person off.
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