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OOC: I'm leaving the battle details to you, Obliveon

Andrew Starker, True Digidestined
Polar Icecap, Digital World
ARP: Obliveon

The polar bear had digivolved into... a bigger polar. She stood up on her hind legs.

“I can handle them for now. Just hurry up, will you?” she said, stepping forward.

Andrew took out his digivice, concentrating himself for what was about to happen. In the distance, the data had condensed into a small Data Stream. It was going to dissipate in a couple minutes. Perfect for an escape. But to make sure the Stream was large enough required the power of a Mega. The Beelzemon and Adam didn't really use longer ranged energy attacks, so Casper had to digivolve.

Casper looked at Andrew as they both prepared.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” the Mistymon said, “It's going to be quite a doozy, having two Megas.”

“Yeah,” Andrew replied, “I'm going to try and de-digivolve Adam. I need to get a shot in...”

Lexin Virtik, True Digidestined
Dayton, Ohio

Angle noticed the Devimon and IceDevimon coming behind Kilara. Apparently they were her digivolved partners, and the Angemon remembered the IceDevimon battling the Mummymon the day before.

“Hey, any luck?” Kilara asked.

“Some,” Lexin replied, watching as Terry started ripping a door off its hinges, “We've managed to save at least three people, but we passed at least a dozen.”

He looked at the house, as Angle slowly moved into the previously comfortable home. The house was a wreck, a woman lying on the couch, moaning.

“Are you an angel?” she asked, looking at the Champion with bleary eyes, “Is Harry in Heaven now?”

“Yes,” Angle said calmly, picking up the woman, “I think he's in Heaven now...”

He noticed the woman's husband lying on the ground, the back of his head bleeding. Angle knew the man was already dead, and that it must be Harry.

“It's time to go, ma'am,” Angle said, but the woman, although she obviously having a broken leg, started struggling.

“No! Harry! Let me go, I think I saw Harry breathing!”

Lexin just shook his head sadly as the woman screamed hoarsely, while Terry just looked around awkwardly, unsure of what to do. The woman turned to Kilara, recognition etched across her face.

“Kilara!” the woman said, “It's me, Daisy! You're mother's friend! Tell this angel to let me go! I can tell, Harry's alive!”

“Ssh,” Angle said, his voice a whisper, “Everything will be alright,” he turned to Lexin, “This house is clean, let's move on.”

Lexin looked at Kilara, as his partner put down the woman, “The hospital should find her soon enough, let's move on.”

He looked up in the sky, as the Birdramon flew overhead, scanning for survivors. The sky was safe, no helicopters or planes had been pulled out of the sky, not in this area. The explosion might have been worse, but this was nothing like London, not yet.
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