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Default Re: Sabi VS Dino

Saraibre Ryu

[Accela] Chatot (F)
HP: 90%
Energy: 69%
Condition: Determined to be more cautious
Featherdance ~ Attract


[Train] Aggron (M)
HP: 82%
Energy: 79%
Condition: Still pretty angry; -2 Attack
Stone Edge ~ Rock Slide

Round 3

Accela ruffled her feathers as she looked up at the massive monstrosity in front of her. Train snorted slightly, letting out a deep growl as the two opponents stared each other down. Accela, being the faster of the two once again, wanted to make sure that Train didn’t hurt her too much. That Aggron could really pack a punch if he wanted to. She flapped her multi-colored wings, trying to rustle some more down feathers out of them. Train watched with a sneer as the Chatot flew towards him. Accela’s wings glowed with a golden color as she flew right by Train, showering him with the down feathers. Train shook his head, sneezing slightly as one or two of the feathers got up his nose. He felt woozy for a moment and shook his head to clear it. His body felt a bit weaker, and he wasn’t sure why.
[Accela: -3 Energy| Train: -2 ATK]

Pushing the thought of his weakness aside, Train turned on Accela, who was now hovering behind him. He stomped one of his feet on the ground, snorting out a puff of air. Two glowings rings formed around his body as he glared at Accela, slowly transforming into two rings of very VERY sharp rocks. With a roar from Train, the rocks flew at Accela, racing past her little body with great speed. Though it could have hurt much more than it did, the little Chatot cried out in pain as the rocks cut through some of her feathers. Once the barrage was over, Train smirked at his handiwork. Accela alighted on the ground gently, surveying the various wounds that she had received.
[Train: -6 Energy| Accela: -19 HP]
(Critical hit rolled a 3286, where rolling 1250 or less resulted in a critical hit. Accuracy rolled a 0 where rolling more than 80 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Not wanting to endure what was sure to be another beating, Accela looked up at the huge monster in front of her and did something quite unexpected. She batted her eyes gently, the pupils sparkling slightly. Train looked at her in confusion as the little bird began what (to humans) was the most silly courtship dance EVER. However, Train must have taken a liking to it because his once violent smirk turned into a smile of…love? Yes, that must have been what it was. The Aggron was in love with something that could easily fit in the palm of his hand. Hey, opposites attract, right?
[Accela: -4 Energy| Train: Infatuated]

Train couldn’t think of even laying a finger on Accela and ignored his trainer’s final order. He sat down with a smile, his tail thumping into the ground gently as he wagged it like a dog.
(Infatuation Roll was 8641 where any result less than or equal to 5000 resulted in Train successfully carrying out its orders.)

Round 3 End

Saraibre Ryu

[Accela] Chatot (F)
HP: 71%
Energy: 62%
Condition: Glad that she got a bit of a break


[Train] Aggron (M)
HP: 82%
Energy: 73%
Condition: Oh, what pretty feathers~!!; -4 Attack

Ref Notes:
- Ahahahahahahhahhahhahhahahhahha…I’m done now.

Sabi, your moves please!

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