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Default Re: Challenger [narphoenix] vs. Velocity and Mass Gym Leader [Velocity]

[Solomon] Starmie (-)*
Ability: Natural Cure
Obtained: Starter
Evolved: Evolution Dojo
Signature Move: Afferent Anticipation


[Barricade] Forretress (M)
Ability: Sturdy
Obtained: Adoption Center
Evolved: Evolution Dojo
Sig Move: Stone Shield


Psychic on "Bessie". If she sees fit to Protect herself (and does so successfully), use Ice Beam on Bohmander. If they successfully Protect simultaneously, use Cosmic Power.

Rinse and repeat, with the addition that if Bessie has a Substitute, switch to use Ice Beam on Bohmander. If he then Protects or has a Sub, proceed with Cosmic Power.

Psychic (Bessie)/Ice Beam (Bohmander)/Cosmic Power ~ Psychic (Bessie)/Ice Beam (Bohmander)/Cosmic Power


Spam Rock Slide, unless they successfully use Protect at the same time. If they do, use Stealth Rock.

Rock Slide/Stealth Rock ~ Rock Slide/Stealth Rock
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