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Default Re: Christian Feminists? Oh, the irony.

I'm not big on religion. At all. Too many problems with it and idiots connected to it. ...And arguments like this. It's nice to think there's some higher power out there that cares about everyone and all, but there's too much other crap connected to religion in general for me to be actively interested in it.

HOWEVER, Ty, might I share something I was told by the nice Jehovah's witness lady who would visit my family for an hour or so every Wednesday for the past year and talk about the Bible with us? You talked about the whole thing with why God hasn't stopped Satan from creating evil--what she told us was this: God didn't stomp out Satan or the evil created by him because Satan thought he was better than God, and God is allowing Satan to create evil on Earth "for now" so that he can prove to all that Satan is not a better ruler, and will "soon" eliminate Satan's evil and make Earth a paradise, "as it was meant to be." As nice as this all sounds, I'm not firmly convinced this is true, but I thought I'd just share a different answer to that with you.

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