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Default Re: Challenger [narphoenix] vs. Velocity and Mass Gym Leader [Velocity]

You want a brutal round, nar? Fine by me!

All right, Bess, I think my plans have been anticipated and then shot in the face. Since that's the case, I'm going to save you for later and replace you with Chell.

[Chell] Charizard (F)
Ability: Blaze
Sig Move: None

I'm going to release you into the air. Just fly behind the turret on his pedestal and wait. When Rock Slide has been executed, announce your presence with Heat Wave.
Switch into air ~ Heat Wave

Bo, your job is a bit more... intense. You're almost as fast as Solomon; as soon as the round starts get your big behind in the air with Fly and you should be able to dodge the brunt of the Ice Beam. Then come down on him. Flip him over and sit on him so that he won't be able to shoot anymore Ice Beams out of that shiny gem of his. Once Barricade starts his Rock Slide, use a second Fly. Hang back while Chell uses Heat Wave, and when she's done hit Solomon once again.
Fly @Solomon ~ Fly @Solomon
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