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Default Re: the return of ZAK MUGABI aka the LIVING APE MAN

pokémon: accelgor ♀
ability: hydration ♦ sticky hold
moves: acid, acid armor, acid spray, agility, bide, body slam, bug buzz, curse, double team, final gambit, giga drain, guard swap, leech life, me first, mega drain, power swap, protect, quick attack, recover, struggle bug, swift, u-turn, yawn
tm/hm: focus blast, hidden power rock, rain dance, rest, sludge bomb, substitute, toxic
bm/mt/sm: baton pass, encore, spikes
obtained: trade
value: $59,500

pokémon: charizard ♀
ability: blaze
moves: air slash, dragon claw, dragon rage, ember, fire fang, fire spin, flame burst, flamethrower, flare blitz, growl, heat wave, inferno, metal claw, rage, scary face, scratch, shadow claw, slash, smokescreen, wing attack
tm/hm: brick break, earthquake, fire blast, hidden power ice, substitute, swords dance
bm/mt/sm: dragon dance
obtained: trade
value: $45,500

pokémon: crobat ♀
ability: inner focus
moves: acrobatics, air cutter, air slash, astonish, bite, confuse ray, cross poison, haze, leech life, mean look, poison fang, screech, supersonic, wing attack
tm/hm: dark pulse, hidden power flying, roost, shadow ball, sludge bomb, substitute, taunt, toxic, u-turn, whirlwind, x-scissor
bm/mt/sm: brave bird, heat wave, hypnosis, nasty plot, super fang
obtained: trade
value: $87,500

pokémon: electrode
ability: soundproof ♦ static
moves: charge, charge beam, electro ball, explosion, gyro ball, light screen, magnet rise, mirror coat, rollout, screech, selfdestruct, sonicboom, spark, swift, tackle
tm/hm: hidden power fighting, protect, rest, substitute, taunt, thunder, thunderbolt, thunder wave, toxic
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: pokémart
value: $56,500

pokémon: empoleon ♂
ability: torrent
moves: aqua jet, bide, brine, bubble, bubblebeam, drill peck, fury attack, growl, hydro pump, metal claw, mist, peck, pound, swagger, swords dance, tackle, water sport, whirlpool
tm/hm: grass knot, hidden power electric, ice beam, roar, stealth rock, substitute, surf, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: agility, yawn
obtained: pokémart
value: $61,000

pokémon: espeon ♂
ability: magic bounce ♦ synchronize
moves: baton pass, bite, confusion, future sight, growl, helping hand, last resort, morning sun, power swap, psybeam, psychic, psych up, quick attack, sand-attack, swift, tackle, tail whip, take down, trump card
tm/hm: calm mind, echoed voice, hidden power grass, rest, return, round, shadow ball, substitute, telekinesis, work up, zap cannon
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: trade
value: $66,000

pokémon: flygon ♀
ability: levitate
moves: bite, crunch, dig, dragonbreath, dragon claw, dragon tail, earth power, earthquake, faint attack, feint, fissure, hyper beam, sand-attack, sandstorm, sand tomb, screech, sonicboom, supersonic
tm/hm: dragon pulse, flamethrower, roost, stone edge, substitute, u-turn
bm/mt/sm: draco meteor
obtained: trade
value: $53,500

pokémon: machamp ♂
ability: guts ♦ no guard
nature: adamant
moves: cross chop, dynamicpunch, focus energy, foresight, karate chop, leer, low kick, low sweep, revenge, scary face, seismic toss, submission, vital throw, wake-up slap, wide guard
tm/hm: attract, bulk up, counter, earthquake, fire punch, fissure, focus punch, ice punch, payback, protect, rest, rock tomb, sleep talk, stone edge, substitute, thunderpunch
bm/mt/sm: bullet punch, close combat, encore, light screen
obtained: story
value: $104,000

pokémon: metagross
ability: clear body
moves: agility, bullet punch, confusion, hammer arm, hyper beam, iron defense, magnet rise, metal claw, meteor mash, psychic, pursuit, scary face, take down, zen headbutt
tm/hm: none
bm/mt/sm: ice punch, thunderpunch, trick
obtained: pokémart
value: $25,000

pokémon: murkrow ♂
ability: insomnia ♦ prankster ♦ super luck
moves: assurance, astonish, faint attack, foul play, haze, mean look, night shade, peck, pursuit, quash, sucker punch, tailwind, taunt, torment, wing attack
tm/hm: calm mind, roost, thunder wave, toxic, substitute
bm/mt/sm: brave bird, confuse ray, featherdance, heat wave, perish song
obtained: trade
value: $64,000

pokémon: nidorino ♂
ability: poison point ♦ rivalry
moves: captivate, chip away, double kick, earth power, flatter, focus energy, fury attack, helping hand, horn attack, horn drill, leer, megahorn, peck, poison jab, poison sting, thrash, toxic spikes
tm/hm: none
bm/mt/sm: sucker punch
obtained: summer gift station
value: $12,000

pokémon: ninjask ♂
ability: speed boost
moves: agility, baton pass, bug bite, dig, double team, false swipe, fury cutter, fury swipes, harden, leech life, metal claw, mind reader, mud-slap, sand-attack, scratch, screech, slash, swords dance, x-scissor
tm/hm: aerial ace, attract, giga drain, protect, return, roost, solarbeam, substitute, sunny day, swagger, toxic
bm/mt/sm: night slash
obtained: trade
value: $68,500

pokémon: politoed ♂
ability: damp ♦ drizzle ♦ water absorb
moves: belly drum, body slam, bounce, bubble, bubblebeam, doubleslap, hydro pump, hyper voice, hypnosis, mud bomb, mud shot, perish song, rain dance, swagger, wake-up slap, water gun, water sport
tm/hm: focus blast, hidden power dark, surf, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: trade
value: $40,500

pokémon: qwilfish ♂
ability: poison point ♦ swift swim
moves: aqua tail, brine, destiny bond, harden, hydro pump, minimize, pin missile, poison jab, poison sting, revenge, rollout, spikes, spit up, stockpile, tackle, take down, toxic spikes, water gun
tm/hm: explosion, ice beam, payback, rain dance, substitute, surf, swords dance, taunt, waterfall
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: team wars tourney
value: $70,500

pokémon: roserade ♂
ability: natural cure ♦ poison point
moves: absorb, aromatherapy, giga drain, grasswhistle, growth, ingrain, leech seed, magical leaf, mega drain, petal dance, poison sting, stun spore, sweet scent, synthesis, toxic, toxic spikes, water sport, weather ball, worry seed
tm/hm: attract, energy ball, grass knot, hidden power fire, protect, psych up, rain dance, rest, shadow ball, sleep talk, sludge bomb, solarbeam, substitute, swagger
bm/mt/sm: extrasensory, leaf storm, sleep powder, spikes
obtained: pokémart
value: $103,000

pokémon: sceptile ♂
ability: overgrow
moves: absorb, agility, detect, energy ball, false swipe, fury cutter, giga drain, leaf blade, leaf storm, leer, mega drain, night slash, pound, pursuit, quick attack, screech, slam, x-scissor
tm/hm: dragon pulse, earthquake, hidden power poison, rock slide, substitute, swords dance
bm/mt/sm: grasswhistle, synthesis
obtained: trade
value: $49,500

pokémon: serperior ♂
ability: contrary ♦ overgrow
moves: coil, gastro acid, giga drain, growth, leaf blade, leaf storm, leaf tornado, leech seed, leer, mega drain, slam, tackle, vine whip, wrap, wring out
tm/hm: dragon tail, giga impact, hidden power flying, protect, substitute
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: trade
value: $45,500

pokémon: snorlax ♂
ability: immunity ♦ thick fat
moves: amnesia, belly drum, block, body slam, chip away, covet, crunch, defense curl, fling, giga impact, headbutt, heavy slam, lick, metronome, natural gift, odor sleuth, recycle, rest, rollout, screech, sleep talk, snore, stockpile, swallow, tackle, uproar, yawn
tm/hm: brick break, counter, curse, earthquake, fire punch, focus punch, ice punch, protect, selfdestruct, substitute, surf, thunderpunch
bm/mt/sm: seed bomb, superpower, whirlwind, zen headbutt
obtained: trade
value: $133,000

pokémon: tangrowth ♂
ability: chlorophyll ♦ leaf guard ♦ regenerator
moves: absorb, ancientpower, bind, block, constrict, growth, ingrain, knock off, mega drain, natural gift, poisonpowder, power whip, slam, sleep powder, stun spore, tickle, vine whip, wring out
tm/hm: brick break, earthquake, energy ball, focus blast, giga drain, hidden power ice, payback, psych up, return, shock wave, sludge bomb, solarbeam, strength, substitute, swords dance
bm/mt/sm: amnesia, endeavor
obtained: trade
value: $116,500

pokémon: wobbuffet ♂
ability: shadow tag
moves: charm, counter, destiny bond, encore, mirror coat, safeguard, splash
bm/mt/sm: tickle
obtained: pokémart
value: $10,000

pokémon: yanmega ♂
ability: speed boost ♦ tinted lens
moves: air slash, ancientpower, bug bite, bug buzz, detect, double team, feint, foresight, hypnosis, night slash, pursuit, quick attack, screech, slash, sonicboom, supersonic, tackle, u-turn, uproar, wing attack
tm/hm: giga drain, psych up, psychic, protect, roost, shadow ball, substitute, toxic
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: trade
value: $56,000

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