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Default Re: Graceful_Suicune VS. haybalebarn


[Saline] Buizel (F)
Ability: Swift Swim
Health: 99%
Energy: 91%
Status: Still ready to go! [+2 SPD, Aqua Ring]
Protect ~ Tail Slap


[Skop] Buizel (M)
Ability: Swift Swim
HP: 100%
Energy: 91%
Status: Ready to deal some more damage. [+2 SPD]
Mud Slap ~ Aqua Ring/SonicBoom

Round Two

Saline lifted her paws, letting energy build up with in her: energy that she released into the surrounding air, creating a round dome of turquoise energy that surrounded her with protection. She lowered her arms, shooting Skop a smug smirk. Quick attack this, you punk! she thought.
[Protect: Saline, -8% Energy]

Skop frowned; this messed up his plans considerably. However, he was not going to let himself get down in the dumps because of this setback; he had to keep trying! Reaching into the dirt, he scooped up clumps of mud in his paws before hurling them at Saline. Her barrier held, however, and when it flickered out of existence the female Buizel was unharmed.
[Mud-Slap: Skop, -2% Energy]

Feeling indignant at his failure, Skop glared at Saline, deciding to try for a new tactic. He lifted his paws and slapped them together with all of his strength. A sound like a cannon shot rolled out of his paws, accompanied by a glowing white shockwave that rippled right for Saline, thrumming with power. Saline let out a yelp as the waves of sound knocked her backward and filled her ears with a horrid ringing noise.
[SonicBoom: Saline, -5% HP; Skop, -1% Energy]

Saline shook her head, trying to clear it. She wasn't going to let that little clown show her up! She rushed at Skop, waving her tail to warm up the muscles; it began to glow white with the force of her energy and power. Just before she crashed into Skop she planted her paw, turned round, and slammed her tail furiously across Skop's muzzle. He stared at her, dazed by the hit, and let out a wail as she slapped him again. She then gave him one final blow, sending him flying backward into the river. That would teach him!
[Tail Slap: Saline, -6% Energy; Skop, -12% HP]

As she smirked at Skop, Saline felt her Aqua Ring slide back around her once more; she wriggled with pleasure as she felt the soothing water soaking into her body. She grinned and bounced on her heels, ready for more.
[Aqua Ring: Saline, +6% HP]


[Saline] Buizel (F)
Ability: Swift Swim
Health: 100%
Energy: 77%
Status: Beat that, you little ruffian! [+2 SPD, Aqua Ring]


[Skop] Buizel (M)
Ability: Swift Swim
Health: 87%
Energy: 88%
Status: Wants to hit a girl. [+2 SPD]

Ref Notes
Rolled to see who goes first; roll was 58 and Skop was evens.
Tail Slap's Accuracy Roll was 16; 1-85 for hit.
Tail Slap's Crit Rolls were 28, 77, and 20; 1-6.25 for Crit.

Arena Notes
Skop is now in the river.

haybalebarn, your moves please.
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