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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Originally Posted by Sealboy View Post

Haha, I'm only looking for a mic, I know the other stuffs I want P:

Thank you! I've looked through the site and, whereas I was thinking about getting the Samson Studio Condenser mic before, I'm now tempted to go with the Logitech USB Desktop mic :D

I had an idea for the (possible) radio commercial? You know those adverts you get where people are asked the same question, but each person's answer is like mashed up? So, like, you get one person saying something, then it switches to another, and then it goes back to the original speaker and so on. For example, these would be the lines each speaker says:

Speaker a: "How cool are Unicorns"? Um... Well... I dunno. Cool, I guess?

Speaker b: They're weird. I mean, what's up with all of the rainbows and the weird, spiralling horn?

Speaker c: Unicorns are great! They're so fluffy!

And this could be how it's put together:

a: "How cool are Unicorns"?

b: They're weird.

a: Um...

c: Unicorns are great!

a: Well...

b: What's up with all of the rainbows?

c: They're so fluffy!

a: Cool, I guess?

b: And the weird spiralling horn?

a: I dunno.

So yeah, something like that? We'd each have a few questions to ask related to this group ("What does the PokeMafia mean to you?" "Why did you join?" "What's the future of PokeMafia?" etc.) and someone/some people can mix the audio up to make something like a mixed interview? Also, it could get confusing as just audio (because different people will be speaking and you won't know who is who xd), so we could make a YouTube video of it so that the screen will have the username of whoever is talking in the clips? I dunno, I'm throwing it out there xD

I really. REALLY like that idea, lol. I think it would be a lot of fun! If i have time and people give me ideas or others have the drawing skill, we could put a persona/pokesona to indicate who's talking. lol. I would love to see what people would do for "What does PokeMafia mean to you" XD

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