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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
What's up guys, sorry i haven't been around, redoing the kitchen floor turned into redoing the entire kitchen SMH, that and the kitchen was just plain bad, putting on the second coat of paint later tonight and the cabinetry is gonna take another 4 weeks to fabricate, so i should be around a more when i'm not working

Simple, Real Life IS more important, i'm sure it's easy for you to find time in your busy life to make it here, but not everyone has the luxury, don't go around judging others when you hardly know them, don't get me wrong, it doesn't bother me too much (only because i know i haven't been active too ), i mean you're entitled to your opinion, and activity is a problem, but at least on my end, it's because I AM EXTREMELY busy, full time school full time work, and right now renovating my mom's kitchen in the sparetime/weekends that i have available leaves me with only a few hours of non sleep time, and most of that time is spent with friends and family who say the same thing and i'm probably gonna choose them 99% of the time over the interwebs

as far as pressing for activity goes, the entire battling thread is still pretty inactive, so there isn't a whole lot to entice people to check the thread, my hope is to keep the clan alive until BW2 comes out and hopefully activity will pick up, i'm hoping you're just trying to light a fire under everyone as opposed to disparaging them

anyhways, how's things with everyone? what've i missed since i've been gone?

who's pre-ordered their BW2 copies? any sort of promotion going on with pre-orders?

here's my mom's kitchen for all those interested


Day 1: ripped out 3/4s of the floor and found that all but 2 joists had rotted through (which explained why the floor was so lopsided lol) also the the floor was layered with about 8 inches of older tile/linoleum so it was a bit like an archeological dig hahaha

Day 3: replaced/reinforced the rotted/old joists threw some of the plywood down to have a spot to put the tools, and ripped out the rest of the floor

Day 5 New tile down and set, first coat of paint is up on the walls, and measurements for the cabinets and countertops to follow,

If you guys have to change out your floors in your lifetime think about paying someone to do it, it may be more expensive, but you pay for the convenience lol

catch ya guys later!
i wouldn't pin my hopes on bw2 having any effect on activity while things stand.
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