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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Yeah, I agree! O: (About the story/plot/characters thing.) And oaky! I can't wait to hear what you think! xD You can put the review for that chapter with this one if you want, instead of having to do a separate one!

It took me ages to edit this. -_- But I finally got it done. xD

Chapter Twenty Seven: Attracting the Wrong Crowd

The rhyhorn hooted and roared, pounding the ground with each hefty step. The sound of rock meeting rock was the only thing the party of four could hear as they watched with a sick feeling as they were ambushed, more geodude erupting from the wall as diglett began to spring up underneath them and began aiming for each of them but Tarla. She watched on with horror as she realised that she was weak to any rock type; all of her flying type moves would simply rebound and leave them unscathed, and she wasn’t sure that her dragon moves would be much better. She knew there was no running, however, and tried to cast the doubt aside for the moment. First she wanted to see how things turned out.

Some of the rhyhorn, still shouting and howling with rage, had startled Derino, who had been just far enough away from the wall to turn at the last moment and avoid them as they charged through. The last through to emerge from the smashed wall spotted the granbull and skidded and pivoted, rounding in a small semi-circle to tear through the ground towards him. The granbull looked to have no problem holding his confidence, as he still stood taller than them, and braced himself, a defiant look of aggression twisting between his features.

Tarla watched in angst as she saw the others in similar situations; Rentana was fending off two geodude while twirling and bounding to avoid being sprung by a diglett who insisted on popping up beneath her toes. Her attempt to keep herself safe looked as a delicate dance would; the tiniest loss of concentration would result horribly, so she needed to keep her focus.

Etire, however, was fighting tactlessly as three rhyhorn powered toward him, their rage not looking to subside anytime soon as they charged forward, one of them advancing faster. The krinar powered up a mach punch and leapt to the side as he passed, unleashing the thrust of his arm on the rhyhorn’s side with timing that looked so unlikely that Tarla concluded that it must have been a fluke. Whether or not it was, he was still able to defend himself.

It didn’t take long before he was also set on by the other geodude, who began to disperse and divide between him and Derino. A few pokémon had noticed Tarla, and a duo of geodude were grunting and pointing up at her, anger filling their faces as they realised that they had no means of reaching the cliff.

The rhyhorn didn’t seem to care, however; they wanted to punish whoever was in range, and as the altaria peered upon the scene, she wondered why they were doing it at all. She could only come to the conclusion that it was Etire’s recklessness and destructive ways with the wall, but even then he wasn’t doing much damage. It was possible that these pokémon were fiercely protective of their home, and any destruction was considered taboo. She could understand that; however, she couldn’t understand why her foolish colony mates hadn’t listened to her in the first place. She knew she was right, and there was no way that the direction in which they went could have been the correct one, and yet everybody insisted on going in the opposite direction. She found it not only insulting, but also quite—

The altaria was knocked from her post as a diglett erupted from beneath her with such force that she lost her stability and toppled down from the cliff. She was momentarily baffled, but regained her balance as she began to furiously flap her wings, her body twisting around so she was no longer with her back to the ground. As she did so, she had caught a brief glimpse of the pokémon who had attacked her.

Sudden pain met her from underneath as she felt a rock split on her belly, the fragments scraping her skin in but a moment before spraying in assorted directions, bouncing off walls and littering the ground. She stared with fearful surprise as she lost her ability to breathe, her focus on flying vanishing as she plummeted. It came to her partway down that she needed to continue to beat her wings, even if she was out of breath. The attempt was hardly effective, however, as they failed to budge at all.

Panic’s mighty hand gripped her abdomen, sliding to her neck while she was still unable to breathe. She was drawing dangerously close to the ground, realising that the geodude were staring up with expectancy and hunger for fulfilling duty. Another held a tiny platform of rock, and she knew that the one with empty hands had thrust the rock up at her as she had been falling.

To her expectation, the other geodude failed to hesitate before catapulting the rock her way, and it separated under force and with speed once it smashed into her underside; she barely had time to angle her head away and bind her eyelids together before the force sent her veering to the side to land without cushioning on the solid ground.

Rentana, right nearby and staring in shock, averted her eyes to the crumpled mess of her comrade, watching in relative anguish as she realised that her friend was resistant to any ground type, but weaker than anything else to the splitting force of rock. The distraction caught her off guard, and she was too late to weave to the side as a hefty stone was launched at her face. It struck her cheek and sent her backwards, causing her to stumble while waving her arms until she crashed into the wall behind her in a groaning daze.

The krinar witnessed the scene and fired up with rage, charging a useful brick break to smash the rhyhorn with, unfortunately only hitting one as the other avoided it with but a quarter-second to spare. The pokémon sustained heavy damage and was flung back, and once it was out of his path, he looked up to quickly survey his mate’s predicament.

While his back was turned, the first rhyhorn he had seen skidded out the way, swiped a foot along the ground and raced toward his target, ramming the krinar’s back and causing him to spiral forward and into the ground, a rough landing scuffing his skin. He cried out in discomfort and tried to get to his feet, but a well-timed diglett punctured the earth’s surface as she slammed into Etire from below, throwing him upwards before he landed on his side again and into the compact earth. Pain shot through his side as he watched a geodude approach with an unsuspected bounce and drew a powerful arm back, watching it recoil and bounce back to spring forward his way. The krinar rolled out the way with a shove of the ground, the rock type’s fist jamming into the earth and creating a notable split.

A second geodude who he previously hadn’t noticed was curled into a boulder, and began to speed his way with arms tucked and intent clearly set. He groaned and charged up, remembering his bulk up attack and applying concentration to strengthen his arms before backing up against a wall and thrusting his elongated, pointed elbows that continued on like spikes into the rocky mass behind him. The surprise made him cringe, as generally he wouldn’t have used his elbow to penetrate anything, notably rock, and took an even greater risk as he hoisted himself off the ground, leaning back while relying on the strength of his lodged elbows, and ignored the pain as he bent his legs into his chest.

He noticed the rhyhorn whirling around to aim for him again, but his primary focus was the rolling geodude, who, when was quickly within reach, Etire launched his feet at. He hoped it was timed right and chanted in silent success to himself as the force of the launch and crash sent the geodude spinning through the air, the pokémon uncurling halfway, and smashing through a wall, leaving a decent crater as debris flung onto the nearby foes.

Etire flicked his head to his mate, observing her condition for a fragment of a second before yanking his elbows out of the wall and proceeding toward her with solid ambition. He heard a trampling sound and realised all too late that a rhyhorn was on his tail and rammed into him, his back exploding with a burst of pain as he was swept up onto the rhyhorn and was carried forward in the pokémon’s consistent attack, advancing toward Rentana and her surrounding geodude attackers. She had one of them in her grip, his writhing body telling the krinar that she was manipulating his brain in a mental onslaught.

She was forced to cut off her attack as the other geodude launched himself at her, preparing to buckle her knees with a ruthless punch. She was completely aware of his attack, however, and disappeared. Etire, whilst riding toward her, cringed in disbelief before she appeared behind her attacker and attacked him instead, seemingly oblivious to the oncoming rhyhorn.

Her teleportation had taken her closer to the charging enemy, and the krinar realised that if they didn’t change course or she didn’t move, it would end badly. “Stop!” he called to the rhyhorn, his voice raspy before he cleared his throat. The pokémon looked either not interested or apparently deaf as they continued toward Rentana without a change in pace. However, the psychic and fighting pokémon persisted and shouted at the rock type again, his body too weak from the shock of the attack to do much else. In desperation he tried to focus his voice ahead, shouting the kirlia’s name instead.

However, her mind was completely focused on the confusion attack she was inflicting upon the geodude, her other senses muted as she focused. With a knowing groan of urgent annoyance, the krinar watched painfully as they finally collided with her, the delicate pokémon’s body flinging up beside the krinar. She emitted a screech at the shock and the presumable pain and glanced quickly to Etire, who was panicked as he looked on ahead. The charging ended when they smashed into the wall, the krinar’s body crushing against the rock with a shocking pain he had never before known.

A ripping cry erupted from his mouth as the lower part of the wall began to crumble, the force of the charge having destroyed some of its composition. Absolute pain filled his thoughts as his body seemed to scream instantly in every place, the rugged rocky texture digging into his skin as he was continuously pushed, causing small red droplets to dot the rock. The rhyhorn ceased applying pressure and retreated backwards and out of the impressive alcove now in the wall, the krinar’s body flopping against the ground like as if it was a bundle of skin containing not a single bone.

The kirlia, who was on the ground after she rolled over herself off the rhyhorn’s head armour, witnessed nothing up until the cry, which she had promptly averted her attention to, cutting all connections with her other surroundings. As she witnessed the fall of her mate, she shrieked in dismay, scrambling to her feet and noticing a duo of geodude coming her way. She teleported over to the collapsed krinar, the fire in her chest heating progressively as she redefined how serious the situation was. He was completely crushed, just about, and her first thought was a desperate question regarding his life. She was reluctant to accept that he would perish from something like this, but couldn’t know for sure as she cradled his head in her lap, trying to bar off the danger around her.

The stomping of two rhyhorn rumbled nearby, and she watched in familiar horror as Tarla, who had been pinned against the wall by three geodude, struggled to defend herself at all. She had noticed her friend’s predicament shortly before she was attacked, but with Etire in such a critically vulnerable state, she was unsure if she could attend to both. She suddenly wished that she and her comrades had been better prepared and brought more pokémon with them, especially one that could counter their weaknesses. Any extra help would have been cherished, for they were outnumbered three to one.

Focusing with whatever remaining concentration she could muster, the pokémon shifted a collection of mentally-transported leaves from an unseen tree within the radius of her abilities and fired them with a burst of mental application, her eyes lighting up with ferocity she was entirely unfamiliar to. The leaves soared toward Tarla’s attackers and sliced around one of the geodude, hearing a cry of pain as he collapsed, and the altaria snapped in the direction of her saviour, one of her wings instantly free as another two held the rest of her in place. A rhyhorn was ready to charge as one of the geodude rammed his fist into the wall, causing rock slides and specifically aimed stone to tumble down and crash onto her from above. Upon the distraction, the geodude lost their focus and turned, spotting the crippled krinar in the desperate clutches of the female, and the rhyhorn departed to focus his attention to her instead.

The geodude attempted to continue their assault, but the altaria screeched, holding her neck straight as she faced the sky before angling her head back to the first geodude, releasing a dragonbreath that crackled around him, then switching to the other as the first one let go.

She worked the change of freedom to take wing, despite the horrifying pain that burst from within her muscles, and she cringed, the realisation dawning on her that she was unable to keep up any sort of hovering or proper flight. She turned, making for the cliff edge again as another rock was fired at her. She heard the effort produced by the geodude and tried to bat her wings at it in an effort to force it off course with wind, but it was ineffective; she was lucky that she managed to avoid it without the help of her useless wind currents.

The pokémon leapt through the air, giving herself a few powerful, painful strokes as she plunged onto the cliff edge, perching at just the right angle to wobble and then steady herself, hopping properly onto the top of the wide-stretching wall. She took a momentary breath before turning around and surveying the scene, the two geodude still focusing their attention on her and rocketing boulders her way.

As she avoided the bombardment, she noticed Derino off to her right and Rentana to her left, as she fended off what she could, all while projecting a protective shield around her and her mate that she had erected about a metre before them as she tried to keep as much distance as she could. By the looks of her weak attacks, she was unable to do little more than cut into one of their minds at a time, probably dealing pain only equal to that of a small headache, which hindered them little if at all.

The granbull’s efforts were quite effective; Tarla noticed that he didn’t dodge once, but instead blocked attacks, holding large boulders which had detached from the wall, and countered when he could with a punch to the wall and a rock slide of his own, which often pushed the one geodude back, but merely pattered the pair of rhyhorn he faced. Instead, they were often victim to an ice punch, something that she knew he had learned from Aemara, whose powers did not lie with physical damage, but her knowledge of iciness was passed onto him and interpreted to suit his style. Similarly, she often shared her ghostly knowledge with others, and Tarla only wished that she was capable of learning anything from her, whether it was shadow ball or confuse ray, or maybe even an ice type move.

Figuring it was more effective to take action than merely think, she took a breath and remembered a small tune she knew, and felt her lungs inflate before she opened her beak and released the first few notes of a lullaby. The song was somewhat quiet to begin with, but quickly grew in audacity and filled the area enclosed in rock down below, each pokémon ceasing their attacks and looking about to find the source of the noise. Roars of protest rippled through the air, but the altaria focused, determined not to allow room for failure.

The notes of the song wavered across the battlefield, the rock and ground types displaying their obvious confusion as they looked about, their eyelids beginning to fall over their eyeballs. The only pokémon she could see that took the initiative to block their ears was Derino, who looked to be focusing on something entirely different as he didn’t even bother watching the scene.

The geodude grunted with slurred sounds as their arms began to lower, unable to command their heavy bodies to move anywhere as drowsiness overcame them. The rhyhorn began to waver, some flicking their heads defiantly and taking a number of steps forward. Those that did collapsed when they applied pressure to their legs with each step, and some tilted forward, stopping when their heads met the packed earth, their back halves poking into the air. The others leaned to the left or right and collided with the ground, the sound of rock meeting rock clashing to Tarla’s ears.

She continued the song, watching awkwardly from her angle as, from under a jutting ledge, the kirlia attempted to blink herself awake, highly reluctant to enter any kind of slumber.

Another few seconds passed and the remainder of the wild pokémon slipped from consciousness, they collapsed onto the ground while their pupils disappeared behind eyelids. Geodude let their arms fall and crash into the ground and rhyhorn grazed ground with their armour. Only the diglett escaped, but Tarla wasn’t deterred. They would likely not return after the rest of their teammates were seen snoozing; if they did return, they would be severely outmatched and overpowered by her and the others.

Finally closing her beak, she glanced around to admire her handiwork, glad that she could accomplish something worthwhile. After confirming again that she was safe, she drifted down from the ledge, planting her feet onto the rocky ground and remaining still for a moment, still unsure about the danger. She didn’t want a geodude to suddenly sprout from the side of a wall and launch a bounder at her, so she surveyed her surroundings carefully.

Consistent movement continued from the corner of her eye as she scanned the rest of the area, spotting Derino during her scan, and watched as he was relatively unaffected. He stalked her way, also suspicious and casting wary glances left and right as he approached. She verified that he was awake and would remain so, and turned back to the movement, approaching a struggling Rentana, who had let down her barrier. She gripped her mate, head dropping frequently, only to shoot back up again. She gritted her teeth and tried lightly to shake the krinar awake, but with little effect.

Tarla moved silently toward her, and the psychic type looked to her with perplexity in her eyes, which she fought to keep open. Tarla’s face was suddenly transformed into one of sympathy and she continued to watch, her beak forming the faintest of smiles. She considered the futile efforts of her fellow colony member; her beak showed admiration for how she fought to cling to the bit of consciousness she refused to relinquish, but her eyes displayed sadness. She could picture the scene as some kind of end to a fatal battle, had the opposing two been against them. However, she snapped out of that and moved closer, peering down at Etire across from Rentana.

Continued in the next post...
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