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Default Re: Curiosity HD Rover Lands Successfully!

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
If there is one thing worth spending millions of dollars on, it's this.

Space is the final frontier, the next step in our journey as a species. There is so much more to the universe than our tiny planet and we must now look to the skies and venture forth, just as our ancestors have done centuries ago. It's time to embark on another grand adventure.

Whether by government or company, to the Moon or Mars or beyond, to establish space stations or planetside bases, we must continue to push forward. Entire worlds await us out there, and we should boldly go where no one has gone before.
I think it would be great if companies could participate in deep space exploration, but that is reserved for NASA itself. It would be an interesting private economic sector and I'd probably participate in it.

It should be the goal. Curiosity cost 2.5 billion dollars, 1.9 was just getting it to its destination. Want to know how much they spend on the war a day? Two to 3.5 billion.
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