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Default Re: GYM LEADER Applications

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
Dunno if this is still an issue, but I think if you only let Level-up Dance moves count as one of the two dance moves needed, then you'll have my vote.
There is an issue with this, because there are few Pokemon that learn more than two dance moves AND learn one naturally that isn't Rain Dance. There are a select few, some of which are on my current roster already that do match this however: Volcarona, Lilligant, Haxorus.

A vast majority of bird Pokemon learn Featherdance by level up, but again, no other dance move aside from Rain Dance. Same with level up Dragon Dancer's aside from the Haxorus group.

Aside from Farfetch'd for Swords Dancer's by level up, who also gets Featherdance, again, the second move would have to be Rain Dance. This also follows for natural Dragon Dancers [aside from Haxorus] and Quiver Dancer's [unless you're Volcarona and Lilligant] don't fare too better either.

There are few natural Petal Dancers that get an additional dance move that isn't Rain Dance, however that would turn my roster into an entire grass type gym and I was looking for variety to reflect the kinds of dancing variety. I have one out of the two possible natural Teeter Dance users out there, that being Lilligant because she learns almost every dance move out there and puts Bellossom to shame.

As for my entire possible Gym Roster, are you looking for something that fits what you're mentioning or what my theme is?
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