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Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
I'm not fussed really, don't think I have a need for it!

Sealboy, well, you rule :P

I love KH! Only got into it recently, but I do kinda love the Disney-ness. Especially when you're under the sea x)
The human characters are so interesting though!
*Reads above* ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ATLANTICA?! I HATE ATLANTICA! xD KH is freaking awesome. Right now, I'm playing the newest one and I'm stuck on The Grid with Riku and just finished La Cite des Cloches with Sora. Does anyone want to know what my reactions are to the Sora ending of La Cite des Cloches?

First one: Awww. Esmeralda and guard-man look so sweet.
Second: What are you talking about, Xehanort?

Sealboy, how far have you gotten in 358/2 Days? I guarantee that the second-to-last battle will make you tear up.

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