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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Five up!)

Here's Chapter Five:


Party of Four

It appears that the Great Fusion was a direct result of an event in Distort, the realm between dimensions. Something happened there, something huge. Pokemon talk about Distort as the 'Distortion World,' the world that directly controlled their own in legend, where the ruler of it was 'Giratina,' a powerful Pokemon created by Arceus, their 'god.' Apparently this huge event caused the worlds to fuse, first the Pokemon and Digimon worlds, and the worlds of mythology (as they are called by their inhabitants) and our world smashed into each other. Finally the two mega-worlds finally fused, into the event known as the 'Great Fusion.'

This event, I see, is one of the best things to happen to a scientist. The Pokemon and Digimon have already given me their records chronicling most of their species. The Digimon were harder to obtain, as they and their entire world are made of an essence called 'Data.'

Their world was created by something mysterious, even they are unsure what it is (or was)

Every 'dimension' is filled with intriguing new creatures, and we've been studying them as best we can.

-Excerpt from the personal journal of Doctor Harold Phlegming

* * *

There she was, a Charmeleon. She hadn't grown wings yet, nor had she attained that great size. Her one horn hadn't split into two. She was older than him by around five years, the older sister he never had. She and her family lived in Orre for much of his life, until when he was seven his Charmeleon friend moved away, to another region, far off, called Kanto. She would only visit on occasion, but his family couldn't, being poorer than hers, nor could they fly. Once a year, he saw his friend. Time flew by, and he made new friends. But he always was excited to see his friend, that Charmeleon.

Only one day, when she visited, she wasn't a Charmeleon. She had grown, so she towered over him. She had large, magnificent wings, that she flapped to fly, power surging through her until she was in the air, practically floating. He was jealous, and trained until one day he evolved. His yellow back turned into a multitude of spikes, he grew a bit larger, and his hands became sharp, stabbing claws. He was like his parents.

One day, he decided to visit his friend. But he didn't know the way. So he made a foolish decision. He decided to walk until he found this mysterious land, far away. He decided to find Kanto.

So he walked, his epic journey beginning. He walked and found food, and made friends on the way. Until one day he found his way to Kanto. It was a beautiful land, no desert like his old home in Orre. He found his friend, the Charizard. He lived there, for about a year. Until one day he took a ship home.

One day, his friend the Charizard visited. It was time for her to take a migration to another land, as a sort of ritual to adulthood. She chose here, to be with her friend, the Sandslash. They decided to live together, good friends. They chose a nice cave on Mt. Battle, at the base, away from the lava. There his friend, the Charizard, found a male Charizard. All three lived together.

One day, he found himself a godparent, to three eggs. His friend, the Charizard, was proud. She did not expect to be parent so soon. The eggs hatched three months later. They were cute, small, and had no horn. No wings. But they had a signature flame on their tails, like their parents. And he was the godfather, the new parent if the old parents died.

One day, one of the three became a Charmeleon, and the Sandslash's friend, the female Charizard, was happy. She said that this Charmeleon was the oldest, and that it was traditional for the oldest to fly to a far-off land. She said that had happened to her, as she flew from her little brothers and sisters, and left her parents, to Orre, where she met her husband the male Charizard, and reunited with her friend the Sandslash.

A year later, Mt. Battle exploded. Lava poured from the inside, into the sky. It then fell down, onto the three young ones.

One day, the Sandslash's friend, the male Charizard, couldn't take it. He flew off into the horizon. The Sandslash's friend, the female Charizard, was depressed. In three years she had three children, and two years later she lost them, to her own home. She stayed in the depression for three months, and then managed to bounce back into life. The two decided to move away, to the borders of Orre.

One day, the world ended. Multiple dimensions fused, becoming one land, with new inhabitants. The deserts the Sandslash lived in had been destroyed, displacing him in a new land. He wandered, until he was found by those in Angel Falls.

One day, his friend the Charizard found him. She stayed with him for a good while. Then again she flew off, traveling the world. To the East, to the North, then finally, six months later, returned to the West, to Angel Falls.

One day, death broke loose in the form of a great snake, attacking the Sandlash until he was near death. One day his friend died, and he didn't know how. Images came to his mind, of a the snake wrapping itself around his friend, the Charizard. Of biting into her skull, blooding dripping down her scales, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, of fire from the sky burning Angel Falls, the Sandslash's new home, of people running, burning...

Ventri awoke, his eye opening up quickly. He didn't scream, nor did he squeal.

It was only a dream. A memory-dream, as his parents called it. Ventri hadn't seen his parents for a long time. He didn't know if they were alive or dead. And it had been two years now. Two years of his parents worrying. Guilt etched at the Pokemon's throat. Then he realized, again, what had happened.

It's all my fault, Ventri thought, I killed Litai. If I hadn't told her to leave, the Wadget would have waited longer, we could have paired up against it...

Ventri did not squeal again, only closed his eye, his left lid closing as well, awkwardly, as there was no eyeball to steady it. It was almost like paper.

Litai is dead, the Sandslash thought, And it's my fault. It's all my fault.

He kept repeating this in his head, over and over. Litai is dead. It's my fault. It's all my fault. Litai is dead...

Six days had passed. Ventri's new acquaintances, Erinn and Oreh, were planning on going to the West's capital, Jiltaria. They were still preparing, as Erinn owned the inn Ventri resided in, the Quester's Rest. The Sandslash still remembered the conversation, where he decided to join them. It was three days ago. Ventri's wounds were healing, his back and his eye. Oreh was helping him along, with the death of Litai as well as bending his body, as the acid had eaten his spikes a bit, particularly in the middle. They were mutilated now as if chocolate had melted and dried into a solid again. They were no longer blunt, and it was hard to move around quickly. Ventri remembered being in the room he was sleeping in, with Erinn, who was packing while talking to Oreh, who was leaning on the wall to the Pokemon's left.

“Is it true you guys are going to Jiltaria?” he asked Oreh.

Both of them looked at him, and it made Ventri sink a little, even if it wasn't a look of annoyance.

“Yeah,” Oreh said, “We leave in four days.”

Ventri had been planning this for quite a while, this question. Since he first learned two days ago that the two were going to the Capital.

“May I... come?” the Mouse Pokemon finally asked, after a small silence, “I-I won't be a nuisance, I promise. I'd try to help as much as I can... Please, I have nowhere else to go... Angel Falls is full of bad memories now-”

“Ventri,” Erinn interrupted, suddenly smiling, “Of course you can come.”

She looked at Oreh, who was also smiling. The 'Angelborn' as he was called, nodded.

There was another reason for going to Jiltaria. Apparently there were 'glass eyes' there, for a replacement eye. It didn't see, it wasn't a total replica, but it was better than no eye at all. So three days later, Ventri was ready. Ivor had gotten a vial of the water from Angel Falls, and gave it to his friend.

“You were studying it, right?” the mayor's son had said, “You can continue your studies throughout your little journey.”

“Thank you, Ivor,” Ventri had replied. I'm sorry that I didn't get to know you better, he thought.

They left tomorrow. It had come so fast, so fast that Ventri didn't realize that there was another companion coming. His name was Calais, and he was from the North, living in the nation of Yggdrasil. That's all he said about that subject. Calais, like Ventri, had nowhere to go, a wanderer. He decided to join them, and Erinn was letting him come.

He was from the North, from the nation of ice, and memories stirred of fire burning ice, of an experiment from a scroll an Ogremon had given to Ventri, of Litai...

And again, thoughts turned back to self-condemnation.

Litai is dead, and it's all my fault.

Ventri sat there, repeating it again in his mind, his eye widening. The squealing was coming back. For several minutes he did this, unblinking, the small squeal coming from his mouth.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. The squealing stopped. Ventri came back to reality. Images of death, of Litai and Angel Falls burning, disappeared. The deep guilt inside of his chest, however, did not.

“Enter,” Ventri tried to hide the hollowed way his voice sounded.

Oreh entered, a look of excitement on his face, saying it was time to move about. He was ready to leave, but Erinn still needed time. One last day to run the inn. To remind Patty (though she already knew) how to get people to rest at night and exactly how much Zoomshine to put into a glass.

“I know,” Patty said, smiling at Erinn, “I know how to do everything, Erinn. I've been at this job for a long time.”

“Well...” Erinn said, unsure, “I don't know... Are you absolutely positive you know how to do everything? Even dealing with people like Ubit?”

“I'll be fine,” Patty said, “Just get up and finish packing.”

“Well... okay...” Erinn ran to the backroom. She grabbed food, some bread, and a bit of cheese. She stuffed it into a small bag. She was packing a nice dress, identical to the one she was wearing.

Oreh and Ventri went into the backroom, the Sandslash holding the Angelborn's hand like a small child. He was a cute little guy, Ventri. Said he came from Orre, a land to the north. Stornway bordered it. Stornway the land that crushed the Pokemon's old home two years ago.

“You almost ready?” Oreh asked, “Ventri is ready, except for one thing.”

The Angelborn smiled, and Erinn grabbed a black string, which had a cloth attached to it. She put it around the Sandslash's left socket, where his eye used to be.

“An eyepatch,” Erinn said, watching as Ventri fingered it with wonder, “It'll cover your eye so it doesn't freak out anyone we meet in Jiltaria. Plus,” she added with a small laugh, “It makes you look like a pirate.”

“Thank you,” Ventri said, smiling, his right eye still widened from having the new accessory.

“I'm going to check on Calais,” Oreh said, “See how he's coming along.”

The Angelborn left the room, leaving Erinn and Ventri alone.

Calais was sitting on the bed provided for him, his wings folded back. It was almost time, to go further south. Away from Yggdrasil, the North, towards...

Someplace else. A better place, away from the insane cold. Away from the Norse Gods, and their ignorance. Away from their mad plans, of finding what once was lost...

He remembered it, like it was yesterday. One of the reasons why he left. When he was before the court of the Norse, of Odin searching, his two ravens flitting about, whispering in his ears, his right eye glowing softly, his left hollow, unseeing.

Oreh stopped for a moment, pondering something. Calais was just so... enigmatic. He was an odd one, like most of those who came from the North. The Angelborn had been there. It was a miserable place, the realms of the Norse's world crushed into one plane of existence. It was chaotic, and Calais seemed to want to leave.

And yet... Calais just seemed so depressed, having to leave his homeland. Something had happened in the North. All the gods knew, of course. They were angry, but to them every other creature in existence was beneath them. Them and their 'celestial' battles.

Celestial was what Oreh practically was. He used to be a Celestrian, a being who was designated to watch over and protect mortalkind. The gods did that job.

Enough of this, the Angelborn finally thought, and Oreh knocked on the door.
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