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Default Re: Forum War II Discussion/FAQ Thread

Alrighty then, to answer questions.

First off, the Nomade are gone. This is now a two-forum RP, since quite frankly I don't see another forum getting in on this. Furthermore, it provides the perfect conflict: A nation of industry vs. a nation of creativity. The plot and sign-ups will change to reflect that.

Now with abilities, every Pokemon has them and can harness all of them, even if they don't work in that specific industry as of current. All Pokemon have at least knowledge of their nation's lifestyle and abilities, and know how to use their abilities even if they don't necessarily pertain to what role they actually play in the world. To them, these abilities are things that just come naturally, like breathing or thinking.

Teams have to be Privateers, thought they don't have to necessarily be sea-bound. Still, it's recommended every Privateer group have a ship of some sorts, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Otherwise, you'll have to swim from island to island. Plus, you get to name your ship whatever you want. Feel free to make a joke of it.

And yes, there will be rum.
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