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Default Re: Forum War II Discussion/FAQ Thread

OK, a few things.

First off, considering that no third Forum suddenly jumps into this, am I to assume that the Nomade don't exist at all, or that they do, but they're terribly underpowered at the moment and in comparison to the first two kingdoms are an almost completely ignored minority that couldn't send ships over? Or would their powers an attributes become part of the Native's skillsets? Or would their powers be distributed and/or watered down for the other two nations? I could see a Minieran having exceptionally fast building skills (being able to construct makeshift structures on the spot was part of the Survival Talent attribute), or some (if not total) adaptability on the unique forms of the Somnumites, for instance.

On another note, can we at least know what the Zigilua artifact is, as per what it looks like? Is it a book? A spear? A ship? A stone archway?

And...I know you're refrencing Landon and ToJ. "A Pikachu giving itself dragon wings and ears, along with having a black shade as opposed to yellow." That's Landon's description, more or less. If only Shen were here.
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