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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Yeah, everything is fine..." Aiden responded, though somehow Kotomi felt that he was lying to her; she didn't have to be a Vampire to figure it out. "Actually, there's something I need to tell you. The girl that Kol mentioned earlier who went insane because of her ability... she was my sister." When Aiden dropped his gaze from Kotomi to the ground she just stared at him in complete shock. "After I became a Vampire, she refused to stay away from me, and I ended up turning her. She had the same ability that you have, but by the time we discovered what it was, the darkness had already started to consume her. She killed all of our friends, some of our other family members, and would have probably killed me too if she hadn't been stopped..." He lifted his eyes back to Kotomi then, Kotomi clearly seeing the pain Aiden was feeling. "After she died, I locked the memories away and forced myself to forget until Kol brought it up earlier."

"Aiden..." Kotomi didn't know what to say at first, merely just staring at him in both shock and sorrow for a few moments. She then took a step forward and wrapped her arms around the Original, holding him close to her. "Everything is going to be fine... you won't ever have to go through that again. I'm going to make sure I control this ability." Kotomi spoke softly.

"Well now we know why Ichiru didn't give them a bath earlier." Back inside Kiseki joked as his brother started up the stairs, bringing Ichiru to stick his tongue out at Kiseki playfully. Kiseki did it back, bringing Ichiru to chuckle before disappearing up the stairs. Downstairs everyone seemed to be doing their own thing as Ashley heard footsteps walking towards the bathroom, to which she turned around in response and saw Ichiru as Abigail and Scarlet were getting back into the warm tub of water.

"Uh oh, here comes daddy." Ashley said with a giggle as the toddlers laughed.

Hours had passed that day as nightfall finally consumed Fells Church, to which Meredith and the older Abigail were at the Salvatore house too. Kotomi had told the group about her abilities, as well as Kol offering to help her. She knew that she was going to get negative opinions from her friends about Kol, even after she had explained that Kol didn't have anything to do with the Gilbert fire, and despite her friends' warning about meeting Kol alone that afternoon she did it anyway and turned out fine.

"How long until we bring Klaus back?" Diana asked her mother as the two girls were setting up an altar in the living-room.

"Very soon." Bonnie responded, bringing Diana to look over to both Damon and Mason.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Mason asked, to which Diana nodded.

"We don't have a choice." Diana responded. A knock was then heard from the front door, bringing Caroline, Lexi and Kotomi to walk over to the door and open it as Stefan, Ashley, Isobel and the toddlers were in the kitchen. At the doorway stood Kol, Rebekah, Finn and Kevin, bringing Jeremy to glare at Kol, Rebekah and Finn.

"What are you doing here? Haven't you caused enough damage?" Jeremy demanded.

"Easy Jeremy." Bonnie said as he watched the four walk into the house.

"Yeah, take it easy Jeremy." Finn said with a smirk. "We came to watch."

"Everything is ready." Bonnie said, to which Klaus suddenly appeared, having been invisible but in the room.

"Finally." Klaus commented. Bonnie and Diana knelt down at the altar together as Kol stepped forward, already knowing that for the spell to work they needed some blood from one of Klaus' family members.

"Right into the bowl?" Kol asked as he picked up the pocket knife which was resting next to a wooden bowl, along with a few lit candles and an open Grimoire. Bonnie nodded in response, Kol slicing his palm open with the blade and allowing a good amount of blood to pour into the bowl. Once he knew it was enough he backed away and healed his hand, walking over to Kotomi and standing next to her.

"Hey." Kotomi said in a low voice to Kol. "Thanks for the lesson today on auras. It was actually pretty fun."

"No problem. Same time tomorrow?" Kol asked, to which Kotomi nodded. "You'll be a natural in no time."

"This spell is going to drain you a lot, Diana. Once we're finished you need to go rest." Bonnie said, to which her daughter nodded. The two then took both of each others hands and concentrated, closing their eyes as everyone watched with curiosity, even Klaus. The two Witches then began to chant Latin words in unison, bringing the flames from the candles and even the fireplace to rise greatly and turning sapphire blue with white tips on the end of the flames. When the house slightly began to shake from all of the power Bonnie and Diana were producing the toddlers quickly clung onto Ashley and Ichiru in fear, Ashley reassuring her children that everything was going to be okay.

This continued for about ten whole minutes as Bonnie and Diana worked the spell, their noses bleeding and black veins similar to what Vampires had underneath their eyes while feeding appeared on both Bonnie and Diana, then once the two Witches finally broke the spell, Diana fell unconscious on the ground as Bonnie felt extremely lightheaded, though she remained conscious as the veins disappeared.

"Diana?" Damon asked in shock as he rushed over towards Diana and knelt down, Mason looking at the young Witch in fear, fearing that Diana was hurt.

"She'll be okay." Bonnie said as Jeremy hurried to her side and helped Bonnie to her feet, Damon scooping up Diana in his arms. "The spell is complete." Bonnie looked over at Klaus along with everyone else, the older Abigail and Meredith looking at each other, wishing that they could make-way with their plan but knew they couldn't at the moment.

"I can certainly feel it." Klaus said, looking down at both of his hands.

"Well you got what you wanted." Ashley said, motioning her children to stay with Ichiru as she walked over to the Hybrid. "Now get out of the house and go do whatever it is you wanted to do." Ashley stood her ground in front of Klaus, to which he smirked.

"Oh, I will, but first..." Klaus responded, his face quickly changing; the whites of his eyes turned black like a Vampire's while the rest of his eyes turned an yellowish gold with amber highlights like a Werewolf's, black Vampire veins appearing underneath his eyes with both sets of Vampire and Werewolf fangs. He quickly took Ashley's arm and bit down on her wrist, blood flowing from the wound as she looked at him in complete shock.

"What are you doing?" Ashley demanded as Klaus quickly backed away, his face returning to normal slowly.

"A small dose of revenge. Enjoy your Werewolf bit, darling." Klaus responded.

"Nothing will happen because my blood is the only cure for a Werewolf bite besides yours." Ashley pointed out coldly.

"Yes, but you're the one who got bitten, which means that your blood won't be able to heal yourself because it's tainted. The only one who can heal you is me." Klaus responded just as coldly, Ashley's eyes widening.

"You just gave me a death sentence..."

"Like I said before, love. Revenge." Klaus then used his speed to vanish from the house, Ashley becoming paralyzed in fear as tears began to pool her eyes.

"This can't be happening..." Ashley whispered as the toddlers quickly ran over to their mother.

"What's going to happen mommy?" Scarlet asked as Ashley looked down at her children, then up to everyone else who was looking at her in shock.

"Is what Klaus said true?" Lexi asked as she looked over to the remaining Originals.

"We don't know..." Rebekah said, sorrow actually being heard in her voice as well. Ashley looked back down at the bite-mark on her right wrist, her jaw dropping when seeing that the wound was healing by itself.

"Guys, the bite... it's healing." Ashley said, watching as it was completely gone, the brunette giving out a sigh of relief.

"He must had just been trying to scare us." Isobel said as Ashley nodded, though for some reason she had an uneasy feeling.
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