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Forum War II:
Dawn of Discovery

A PMD RP developed by NES2 and Avenger Angel


It all began with a single expedition. Years of stability and growth had spurred the rapid development of three great nations, Miniera, Somnum, and Nomade, who in previous years had fought among one another for dominance in their realm. Peace now accomplished, however, the Pokemon of this world, known as Lurra, turned to the horizon and what lay beyond it. For centuries, all that mattered was what had occurred on the continent the three kingdoms inhabited, the region considered the only inhabitable place on the planet. However, once the wars ended that changed, and the Pokemon of the realm, curious as to what else there was, set out from their land, exploring the seas beyond their own realm.

The groundbreaking discovery was first made by a group commissioned by Miniera under the command of a Dewott. The Dewott's name, Curant, would become legend, for he was the first to sight a land that was later called Kibou. After a brief landing on one of it's isles, Curant rushed back to bring news of this new world to the Minieran royalty.

From there, the rest was history. Word of this land spread fast, even across borders. The Nomade also heard of the tales, and developed interest in this land too. Both of them soon came to the same conclusion: Kibou belongs to our nation, and none else. This, of course, sparked conflict once more. The two kingdoms rushed to set up colonies in this land, and began to gather knowledge about this land. Each sought to control it, and the riches it was soon discovered to possess as they came back from the isles. The rumors, of course, grew greater, and the island soon held an irresistible appeal to all seeking adventure and fortune. Navies were built, armies trained, and forts built as each faction prepared to claim Kibou as their own.Meanwhile, all sorts rushed to ports seeking passage to this new land which promised all they desired, and thus did a new adventure begin.

Welcome to Kibou. Welcome to Dawn of Discovery.


There are three factions of Pokemon vying for control of Kibou. Each faction, represented each by one of the participant forums, have unique cultural backgrounds and powers derived from years of development in their primary lifestyles. These nations once fought over control of the Old Continent, where their civilizations began and grew over numerous centuries. A relative time of peace between the factions arrived in the and lasted for a period of time until Kibou was discovered 100 years later. Old rivalries ignited once more, and the eternal war between the three kingdoms soon resumed, this time over control of the newly discovered land thousands of miles away.

The Kingdom of Miniera - THE BLACKSMITHS (Pokemon Elite 2000)

The citizens of Miniera has had a long history of mining and metal working. On the Old Continent, no faction is better at forging weapons, tools, and creating artisan jewelry. As such, they have developed abilities that revolve around earth, metal, and fire. They are also interested in Kibou to see what secrets it has in store, and if it may help improve their metalworking abilities even further. Not to mention, finding one of the Lost Cities of Gold would undoubtedly bring Mineria a mountain of wealth and precious metal that they could use to enhance their metalworking industry immensely.

Cultural Benefits:
  • Metalworking - These Pokémon are the only ones that can wear metal armor. Because Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, it is impossible for other cultures except this one to be able to create one uniform metal for all Pokémon. However, this faction is so proficient in blacksmithing that making customized armor for each individual Pokémon while making them ornate and artistically crafted is easy for them.
  • Superior Weaponry - These Pokémon carry some of the most powerful swords, axes, guns, and other metal weapons. These weapons are often very artistically made, with ornate handles, fanciful blades with artistic carvings, and the like. In fact, most other nations and cultures badly covet the masterful craftsmanship of these weapons, tools, and crafts.
  • Weapons Expertise - These Pokémon are masters of using their metallic weapons, as well as creating siege devices and superior metallic tools. In addition, they are also master tacticians and strategists.
  • Shipbuilding Talent - These Pokémon have larger quantity and better quality of ships than the other nations, possessing powerful and devastating weaponry.

  • Night Vision - Years of working in dark mines has allowed these Pokémon to be able to see better in the dark.
    Earth manipulation. These Pokémon can shift around stones and earth with simply their wills and intricate hand-gestures.
  • Metal Manipulation - These Pokémon can also take any piece of metal and reform it on the spot, able to turn a spade into a spear, or a metal anchor into a massive axe.
  • Fire Manipulation - Years of working with burning forges and under heavy heat has allowed these Pokémon to understand the power of fire. As such, they can use fire-based attacks, as well as fire-enchant their weapons to burn, allowing them to do even more additional damage.

The Kingdom of Nomade - The Explorers (Global Trade Station Plus)

Naturally drawn to Kibou for its mystery, the Nomade people have always been inspired to explore and investigate every hidden secret of the world. Living in a remote region of the Old Continent considered uninhabitable by others, the Nomade have made their home in the most difficult of climates. Many of their members yearn to see every landmass, the darkest depths of the seas, and even the reaches of the highest clouds. Their culture is based upon exploration and archaeology, their goal to map out the entire world from sea to land to sky, and maybe, someday, even head into the outer reaches of space to explore the cosmos. What is remarkable about these Pokémon is their ability to physically and mentally adapt themselves to any situation, able to switch their typing and physical features at will to adapt to any situation.

Cultural Benefits:
  • Wilderness Tradition - This faction has cities in harsh places where other Pokémon wouldn't even dream of going. Meanwhile, with their superior navigational skills, these Pokémon are talented in travel and location, always knowing how to get to where they want to go.
  • Survival Talent - As talented survivalists, these Pokémon can survive on almost nothing for food and water, and construct buildings and structures easily and almost instantly, no matter what the environment.

Powers Entail:
  • Extreme Adaptability - A member of the Nomade could jump into the air and spout wings to fly just moments before plunging into the ocean to lose the wings but grow fins and gills instead. Minutes later, they could dive into a volcano and adapt to the lava by becoming a fire type, as well as blend into the shadows to become a dark type when the night arrives, or easily survive with toughened or rocky skin as a ground or rock type in the stinging sands of the hottest, most unforgiving deserts. As such, these Pokémon can change their typing to suit their environment instantly.
  • Enviromental Manipulation - While in these environments, these Pokémon have even more power and control over their surrounding environment than even the naturally born members of it. However, these powers only reflect the environment they are in. Thus, a member of the Nomade could cause whirlpools and tidal waves in an oceanic setting, but not in the middle of the desert.

The Natives - The Unknown (NPC Faction)

The mysterious indigenous inhabitants of the island, the natives are a mysterious civilization which call Kibou home. Not much is known about them, though rumors tell of mysterious magic and rituals, the ability to blend into shadows, disappear into thin air, and other strange abilities. They are vehemently hostile to outsiders, and will stop at nothing to protect Kibou from encroachment by the other factions.

Privateers (RP Groups/Teams)

Individual groups who also seek the wealth of Kibou, privateers are crews that sail privately owned vessels, normally in the service of the kingdom they hail from. Privateers are hired as mercenary ships, the factions rewarding the sinking of enemy ships and in exchange, getting a cut of whatever plunder they capture. Privateers must manage their own supplies and survival however, and receive little aid from factions.

More than just hired guns, however, privateers have their own individual goals separate from those of the warring factions. These goals are set as the privateer group pleases, and may even conflict with the goals of the main factions. As such, a privateer group can be viewed as valiant heroes, cruel villains, or anywhere in-between.

Kibou and the Seven Cities of Gold

Located in Kibou, the Seven Cities of Gold are ancient cities rumored to be hidden in Kibou. Citadels of native civilization, these glorious locations were built by the ancient ancestors of the natives who once possessed great knowledge of magic and technology. Each city, while possessing physical riches beyond the imaginable, also possesses unique and mystic artifact that possesses immense power so great that they are sometimes believed to be the product of myth. Scattered throughout Kibou, these cities wait to be discovered by intrepid adventurers worthy of their splendor. The natives, however, fiercely guard these cities held sacred by their culture. As such, only those prepared for a confrontation should attempt entry.

Ura – The Ocean Palace

A city located mysteriously underwater, Aquanta has sat on the seafloor for centuries. It’s water, mysteriously breathable, allows those exploring the ruins to swim indefinitely through the complex without the need to come up for air. Murals line the flooded halls of this city, depicting the ancient history of Kibou. It’s artifact, the Voice of the Seas, is a silver conch horn that allows the user to summon storms at will, and to control the flow of wind and direction of currents.

Zilarrezko – The Bountiful Land

Zilarrezko was a city of plenty. Located in the middle of a vast plain, it’s fields grow the finest produce in all the land, and it’s crops never rot or go bad. Food can be picked and eaten without preparation at all, and is mystically replenished without need for labor. The artifact of this city, the Bottomless Bag. This object allows the holder to pull from it almost anything they desire, want, or need, and store anything they don’t need. It is basically an endless supply of everything, with the exception of the artifacts, which cannot be retrieved from the bag unless you've placed them inside.

Baso - The Mystic Forest

A city built into the canopy of thick jungle, Baso was a city which was designed to be one with nature, the former inhabitants built their city using the forest and as a part of the forest. Buildings were built and even carved from the the massive towering trees , and walkways connect these spaces to form a massive above-ground complex hundreds feet above the surface. Though some of the structures and bridges have collapsed or rotted away, much of the ruins still remain, most of it accessible without hassle. The center of this all is the Basako, a massive temple to nature carved into the insides of the most massive tree in the forest, comparable in height and size to a skyscraper. Inside is the Staff of Healing, a wooden artifact whose touch can heal any wound, no matter how severe or permanent.

Armadurak – The Vast Mines

Armadurak is known for its mines, which run deep beneath the city and to some extent is the city itself. This city’s mines provided the wealth that can now be found scattered across the remnants of the Golden Cities, as well as armor made from a powerful material known as adamantine. This material is more durable than the most refined metals, and can be extracted from stones as strands. As such, adamantine can be woven into cloth that possesses the same protection as a combination of plate and chain armor. The artifact located within this city is the Unbreakable Shield, make from solid adamantine forged so that the shield cannot be pierced, broken, or destroyed by any weapon or attack.

Zerua – The Sky Retreat

Zerua is located at the peak of the tallest mountain in Kibou, high above the clouds and only accessible by a single path. An isolated paradise, the city has a system of running water that was once used for fountains, baths, and other facilities. This water is pumped by still working mechanisms from rainwater collectors on the lower parts of the mountain. On a clear day, one can see a great distance from this city, revealing most of the great expanse that is Kibou. The artifact of this land is the Compass of Truth, which points to the direction of whatever location you seek.

Iruzur – The Backstabber’s Bog

Iruzur was built in a maze-like bog shrouded at all times by a thick mist that obstructs all sight. Even its buildings are concealed, most travelers confused even as they stand right in the middle of the city. Traps and puzzles await those who manage to find Iruzur, and in this place, nothing is as it seems. The artifact located here is the Shapeshifter, a mask that allows the user to take on the appearance, but not the abilities, of anything or anyone they wish.

Zigilua – The Forbidden Citadel

Zigilua the powerful bastion and capital of the natives, and the only one still inhabited by the natives. This city, a near impenetrable fortress, is said to withstand all but the power of the artifacts located in the other six cities. Death meets those who otherwise try to make their way in. Walls of thick and solid stone defend this city, located high atop a rocky outcropping. Its artifact is the most powerful, the great and unknown power sealed deep within. Only the measures taken to protect this power can act as a testament to its nature.

  • No bunnying. Bunnying refers to controlling the actions and responses of another user's character without the user's expressed permission.
  • No teleporting. Any and all travel must be described both in the header and the post itself.
  • No godmodding. Any powers your character does not possess as a Pokemon or a member of a faction cannot be used. Furthermore, your character is not immune to damage or attack, and in combat must reflect this realistically.
  • Characters cannot be Legendary Pokemon, Humans, or anything from outside the Pokemon Realm, nor can they consist even partially of anything described as such.
  • Be nice. Don't abuse fellow RPers in any way, and either settle any disputes yourselves, or if that is not possible, through me.
  • Violence and Romance is kept PG-13. I will ask that any posts that get too explicit be edited or retracted.
  • Weaponry and technology must be kept period to reflect the setting of the RP. Anything that physically (that means no DaVinci contraptions derived from sketches, got it?)existed before or during the 16th Century (The 1500's, Renaissance Era, Etc.) is permitted. Everything else is off-limits. This rule also pertains to Pokemon who are naturally composed of, possess or utilize modern technology, and as such, those type of Pokemon are also banned.
  • No mixed-faction characters. It creates too much confusion for me and other roleplayers.
  • Try and keep a minimum post length. Two five-sentence paragraphs is the bare minimum everyone is required to maintain.
  • Have fun! Don't take this RP too seriously, it's not a competition.

SU Sheet

Character Name: (What's your character's name?)
Pokemon: (What kind of Pokemon are you? Resist the urge to break into song.)
Gender: (What is the gender of your character, Male or Female?)
Faction: (What faction does your character hail from? This must correspond with the forum you are representing.)
Privateer Group: (If you aren't a member of a Privateer Group, leave this blank. If you are a member of a group, indicate which group you are a member of.)
Character Description: (Describe your character's physical attributes. Pictures are optional, but a paragraph of descriptive information is required.)
Character History: (Describe your character's backstory. There is a two-paragraph minimum of information required.)
Weapons: (If your Pokemon wields weapons, list them here. Descriptions are purely optional here.)
Other: (Anything else you would like to say about your character goes here.)

Sign-ups are open, get posting!

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