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Name: Abraham Ash
Pokemon: Heatmor
Gender: Male
Faction: Miniera
Privateer Group: Skythunder Blades
Character Description:

Abe is decently sized, a bit taller than his kind (4' 11) and a bit fatter as well. He walks with a noticeable limp, and on further inspection of his leg it is revealed that a giant axe seemed to cut clean through his foot, and was barely stitched back together. Another scar is a great long cut that goes down Abraham's stomach, but he seems not to notice that, only coughing occasionally. However, those scars are completely covered by the coat Abraham wears, which also covers a light suit of armor. The Heatmor walks with a cane, made of solid steel, the tip of it ornamented with a ruby, his family jewel, and carries a thin sword. The coat itself is a dark green, imported long ago. A silver clasp connects both sides of the cloak (optional, I don't know if Durant exists in this universe, but if it's allowed, may I change the silver clasp to the head of a Durant?)

Abraham is around the age of 36.


Abraham was born to Adam Ash, the first-born of the family, the heir to the massive wealth the Ash family had accumulated over the generations. Abraham was spoiled, bullying his younger siblings, Sophia Ash and Arthur Ash. As he was of an important family, he was trained in the ways of the sword, to navigate the seas, and to mine effectively. He learned mathematics, and how to speak formally, and of politics. Abraham also learned of honor, but he mainly ignored that, until he was forced to kill his friend when a duel was announced. Disheartened at the loss, Abraham started traveling Miniera, on a voyage of land, journeying to know more of the world.

It was when he was almost home when he was attacked by enemies to the Ash family. Abraham's entire group, save the single Heatmor, was slain, and the heir to the inheritance was badly wounded. He miraculously survived, but he was forced to walk with a cane, and he coughed quite a bit. Abraham resented these injuries, lessons as well as burdens.

Years passed, as his parents passed away, and so did his sister, Sophia, due to an illness. Abraham had learned long ago not to be a bully, and he mourned for Sophia. Arthur blamed Abraham for the loss, and the two became embittered to each other. Arthur was later killed in a duel with a particularly skilled Persian.

Alone, the Heatmor caught wind of an ancient treasure that could heal his injuries, and for a year he prepared for the epic quest to Kibou. Finally, he set sail. “To glory,” Abraham said, “And to hope for the world.”

Weapons: Abraham wields a sword, but he is quite adept at almost all weapons. The sword itself is small, the steel being three feet high. The hilt is beautifully adorned with steel carvings of the Ash family, of their many quests and adventures.

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