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Default Re: Voice Acting

Alrighty! So, some of you might have seen this, some of you might not have, BUT BEHOLD! Pokemon has released an official English Dub of the Black and White Promotional Trailer. The animation's pretty cool... but I'm wondering if the voice acting could be improved a little.

So, what I'm suggesting we do is create a fan-dub of this trailer! If you're interested, we need...

Male Voices:
Hugh (Sealboy!!!)
Kyouhei (aka Male Protagonist Character)
Shadow Triad Member (I think he needs a nice, dark, raspy kind of voice)

Female Voices:

Bianca (k_pop)
Mei (aka Female Protagonist)
Team Plasma Grunt

I'm going to fine-tune the script but you can get a sample of it in the above video... or you can read what I got xD


Black and White 2 Promotional Trailer Script

[Intro: Crazy Guitar solo]

N: Think about you and your Pokemon. What are you striving for?

*dragon roar*

[Scene 2: City]

*Swanna screeches*

Hugh: Okay! Let's go and get your Pokemon!

Male Protagonist: Hmm!

*two run to top of stairs, panting*

*enter, Bianca*

Hugh: Huh? Are you...?

Bianca: Oh! *giggles* It's so nice to meet you!

*the three approach each other*

Bianca: Ta-da! The Pokemon that will be your partner is right in here! (Could translate to I got you're partner Pokemon right here!)

[Scene Two: Pokemon School]

Female Protagonist: *grunts as she stretches*

Cheren: We'll have a battle to be proud of. Let's do our best!

Female Protagonist: You got it! Serperior, Hyper Beam!

*battle ensues*

Cheren: Now, Stoutland, use Bite!

Female Protagonist: Serperior, use Slam!

Cheren: Stoutland, you okay?

Female Protagonist: *to Serperior* Keep up the pressure.Serperior, Frenzy Plant!

Cheren: *sounding worried* Stoutland, Hyper Beam!

Female Protagonist: I'm just getting started.

Cheren: Music to my ears...

[Scene 3: Castelia Park at Night]

Colress: Team Plasma said this years ago--we should recognize the potential of Pokemon and liberate them from human kind. However, I disagree.

[Scene 4: Elesa's Gym]

*crowds cheering*

Elesa: Welcome to the main stage! My beloved Pokemon and yours... The time has come for them to compete. We'll see who's star shines brightest!

[Scene 5: Ship]

Female Team Plasma (???) Grunt: *chuckling haughtily* I congratulate you on making it this far. However, do you see how many of us there are? I strongly suggest you surrender already.

Hugh: *under breath* Hey, heads up--I'm about to unleash my rage.

Cheren: Too bad there's so many of them. Talk about a complete bother.

Hugh: I'm going to finish this now. So back me up, 'kay?

Male Protagonist: Right! *smug come at me bro face*

Female Grunt: Seviper, use bite!

Male Protagonist: Arcanaine, use bit too!

*dog beats snake every time*

Hugh: Samurott, Ice Beam!

*through samurai otter into the lot, and the snake's basically screwed*

*cloud of smoke surges though, everyone grunts*

[Scene 6: Frozen city]

Male Protagonist: Stop! *moment of panting, then grunt of determination* *jumps, grunts when landing*
Lucario! Aura Sphere!

*Lucario does his thing, doesn't work. Hero gasps in surprise*

Shadow Triad: We will accomplish our goals, no matter what the cost. *disappears*

Male Protagonist: *Growls in a "gosh-dang-it" manner*

[Last scenes showcase the beast that is Kyurem]


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