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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

OoC: Oh, I forgot the timeskip. Sorry D: I knew I forgot something

IC: "Aiden..." Kotomi was silent for a few moments, and Aiden found that his gaze had already fallen back to the ground. He could feel suppressed anger toward Kol since he now knew that he had been the one who killed his sister, but as he remembered what she had turned into shortly before her death, he knew it really had been for the best.

"Everything is going to be fine... you won't ever have to go through that again. I'm going to make sure I control this ability." Kotomi's voice snapped the Original out of his thoughts shortly after he felt her wrap her arms around him. Aiden gave a soft sigh as he relaxed, returning her hug with a tight one of his own. He wanted to trust Kol and his capability to help her, but there was something about him that he just couldn't accept. Maybe it was what he had done to Diana after they had first met him? That could possibly have been it, but even if it wasn't, he still didn't trust the other Original yet for some reason. However, he wouldn't say this to Kotomi; she had enough to worry about.

Later that night, the group had all gathered downstairs once again, along with Meredith and the older Abigail. Kotomi had told everyone about her training with Kol, to which Ichiru and even Kiseki had objected, but in the end they had decided to trust their sister's judgement. Aiden's mood had brightened since he had told Kotomi about his sister, but he had still been quiet for the most part. Kiseki had found it highly entertaining to watch both Ichiru and Aiden pace the floors earlier in the day when Kotomi was alone with Kol, although he had been equally as worried. However, no one could deny how alike the two were - so much so that it was funny.

"How long until we bring Klaus back?" Diana was the first to speak as she and Bonnie set up an altar in the living room.

"Very soon." Bonnie responded, and Diana looked over to Damon and Mason.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Mason asked, to which she nodded.

"We don't have a choice."

A knock was then heard from the front door then, and was answered by Caroline, Lexi and Kotomi. Behind the door stood Kol, Rebekah, Finn and Kevin. Normally Aiden would have had to exercise an enormous amount of self control not to attack them, but since they hadn't done anything since the day they let Kotomi and himself go, he was able to stay calm. However, a glare was still present in his expression as he looked at them.

"What are you doing here? Haven't you caused enough damage?" Jeremy demanded, and Ichiru turned around from his place in the kitchen to see the group of Originals. His own expression darkened at the sight of the trio who had caused them so much trouble, but he didn't say or do anything.

"Easy Jeremy." Bonnie said as the group walked into the house.

"Yeah, take it easy Jeremy." Finn said with a smirk. "We came to watch."

"Everything is ready." Bonnie announced, and Klaus suddenly became visible.


Bonnie and Diana knelt down at the altar together and Kol stepped forward.

"Right into the bowl?" He picked up the pocket knife lying next to the wooden bowl, along with a few lit candles and an open Grimoire. Bonnie nodded in response, and the Original sliced his palm with the blade, allowing a decent amount of blood to drip down into the bowl. Afterward, he backed away and healed his hand, taking a place beside Kotomi.

Aiden heard their short conversation since he was on the other side of the dark haired Vampire, but he didn't react. Now wasn't really the time, even though he couldn't deny the irritation he felt in response.

"This spell is going to drain you a lot, Diana. Once we're finished you need to go rest." Bonnie told the younger Witch, receiving a nod in response.

Aiden and the twins watched the two take each others' hands and close their eyes as they began to concentrate. Shortly after, they began to chant Latin words in unison, and the flames from the candles and even the fireplace rose greatly, the fire turning into a sapphire blue with white at the tips. The house began to shake slightly from the power, which frightened Abigail and Scarlet. Ichiru reassured them that everything was okay along with Ashley, and ten minutes later, both Witches' noses began bleeding. Black veins similar to that of a Vampire appeared beneath their eyes, and shortly after they broke the spell. Diana fell unconscious right after they had stopped, but Bonnie managed to stay conscious, the black veins slowly disappearing.

"Diana?" Damon rushed over to the brunette and knelt down.

"She'll be okay." Bonnie said as Jeremy hurried to her side and helped her to her feet while Damon scooped Diana into his arms. "The spell is complete." Everyone's attention shifted to Klaus then.

"I can certainly feel it." He said as he looked down at his hands.

"Well you got what you wanted." Ashley said, motioning her children to stay with Ichiru as she walked over to the Hybrid. "Now get out of the house and go do whatever it is you wanted to do." Klaus merely smirked in response.

"Oh, I will, but first..." His face quickly changed, the whites of his eyes becoming black while the rest became a yellowish gold like that of a Werewolf. Black veins appeared under his eyes, along with a set of both Werewolf and Vampire fangs. He quickly took Ashley's arm, and before Ichiru or anyone else could react, bit down on her wrist.

"What are you doing?" Ashley demanded as blood began to gush from the wound. Klaus quickly backed away as his face returned to normal.

"A small dose of revenge. Enjoy your Werewolf bite, darling."

"Nothing will happen because my blood is the only cure for a Werewolf bite besides yours." Ashley pointed out coldly.

"Yes, but you're the one who got bitten, which means that your blood won't be able to heal yourself because it's tainted. The only one who can heal you is me." Klaus' words made Ichiru's eyes turn completely red from rage, although he had to force it away for his children's sake. However, it was impossible not to sense the anger coming off of him.

"You just gave me a death sentence..."

"Like I said before, love. Revenge." Klaus disappeared from the house with his Vampire speed.

"This can't be happening..." Ashley whispered as tears began to pool her eyes. Abigail and Scarlet quickly ran over to her, and Ichiru took the opportunity to collect himself.

"What's going to happen mommy?" Ichiru joined them at Ashley's side as Scarlet questioned her mother. However, Ashley didn't seem to have an answer as she looked down at the toddlers, then to the rest of the group.

"Is what Klaus said true?" Lexi asked as she looked over to the remaining Originals.

"We don't know..." Rebekah said, and genuine sorrow could be heard in her voice.

"Guys, the bite... it's healing." Ichiru, Kiseki and Aiden followed Ashley's gaze to the bite, seeing that it was indeed healing on its own. Only seconds later, it was completely gone, and the brunette gave a sigh of relief.

"He must had just been trying to scare us." Isobel said as Ashley nodded, and although Ichiru and Kiseki smiled in response, it was clear that both of them felt otherwise. Somehow it just didn't seem like Klaus would let them off that easily.

"What do you think he was wanting to do so badly?" Aiden finally spoke, bringing the twins' attention to him. "Aside from just wanting to be alive again, of course..."
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