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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]


Name: Martin Karma
Birthday and Age: January 15, 1973 (39)
Mutated?: No

Appearance: Five foot five, Martin is of average height. He has black hair, brown eyes, and pale white skin, with a bit of pigment left in them. He usually wears a nice brown suit, as he works in a large-ish company as a vice-president. There is always a sense of authority about him, and he speaks with a deep, mature voice. He wears glasses, and his face looks worn with age, even though he's younger than most parents with teenagers. He is surprisingly strong, as lately he's been going to the gym instead of home, where his 'freakish' child lives.

Personality: Martin is kind. He is always generous, willing to sacrifice for others, and is always ready to lend a hand. He is decently well under pressure, but is sometimes a bit slow, hard to comprehend. It is a bit hard to fully understand his ideas, his complicated plans to move the company forward, but when people do understand his ideas, they usually work. He is the vice-president, after all. However, Martin isn't afraid to deal with shady businessmen, and always seems to wind up somewhere in politics. Recently that's been in the recent mutations in Conifer, Martin's hometown.

There is also a sense of sadness to him, as he continually rejects Tin's need for a father. Martin pities his son, and hopes to one day get rid of the mutation screwing with his brain. Deep down, he is repulsed by Tin, and his dreams at night have been about disowning that little monster. Martin just wants his old life before the eclipse back, but it seems that that will never happen.

Aside from parenting, Martin is actually quite stubborn, never giving up in a particular project. He resents those who are in the way of his job, even if he is content being a vice-president. He won't stop until he gets done with the project he works on. This doesn't apply to his parenting because Martin just doesn't know what to do.

History: Martin was born in 1973, to Alexander and Lola Karma. Early on, his father left the family, leaving Lola for the life of a drunk. As such, Martin constantly looked for a father figure, which he found in his uncle Samuel. Martin cherished the visits from the 'fun uncle' who always brought him toys and treats. One day, when Martin was 13, he found out that Lola had been killed in the factory where she worked. Martin went into a deep depression, but pulled out of it when Samuel adopted him.

Life with Samuel was great, as Martin learned how to hunt animals, to shoot a rifle, and to gut fish. He spent a good life with his uncle, until he was 18, when he went into college. The year was 1991, and Martin met Sophia. They both, frankly, hated one another. They were rivals in everything, until in their senior year had to team up to get an 'A' on a project they were working on.

They started dating in 1996, and two years later were married. Tragedies happened during that time span, including the death of Samuel (who succumbed to cancer) and the burning down of Sophia's house. There was a time where Martin and Sophia were separated by the country, as Sophia moved away to Arizona, but Martin trudged over to her in 1998, and proposed.

They had a child a year later, named Theodore, after Sophia's grandfather (who played a major role in her life) A couple years later, the Karma family moved to Conifer, where when Tin was five Sophia was killed in a car crash. Martin escaped the jaws of death with only a broken arm, but he forever blamed himself for Sophia's death. Martin became a businessman, becoming the vice-president of a paper-making company. Life was good until the eclipse.

Martin was inside a building, in his office. He didn't even notice the eclipse, and was at home when Tin collapsed. Martin watched as Tin slowly turned into what he is, and he wants it to stop.


Tin Karma: Martin pities and is slightly disturbed by his son. They were never exactly close, but they still love each other, in a way. Martin just wants his old Tin back, though. Still, that doesn't mean Martin won't protect Tin.

Liam Lawson: Martin identifies with Liam, as both of their parents died, and both of them were raised by uncles. While Liam became a shrewd and amazing businessman, corrupted by his guardian, Martin became a father, only a decent businessman.

Nathaniel Lawson: Martin met Nathaniel during a business trip, and the two are still in contact with one another. Martin is wary of Nathaniel, especially since the older man has such an interest in Tin.

Chance Ansley and Michael Barret: As the Barrets live right next to Martin, it's natural that their good friends. Martin is continually apologizing for the parent-y way his son is treating Chance and the others.


I've also edited Chance's SU to include more relationships, as well as other sturf :P
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