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Character Name: Mercy Burnstone
Pokemon: Lucario
Gender: Female
Faction: Nomade
Privateer Group: Global Mercernaries
Character Description: Mercy wears a black buccaneer style coat that hangs open in the front, with cloth hanging over her shoulders and the sleeves folded to the wrist. She pairs the coat with loose fitting tan pants, under which she wears leather shin guards when traveling off of the ship. A long scar lies hidden on her right shin. A brown shoulder belt ties in her waist, holding two black leather scabbards and a brown quiver. She finishes the outfit with brown leather cap and gloves, each cut to release her ears and paws respectively.

Character History: Mercy was born the youngest of six, her siblings all being brothers. Her mother died in childbirth, leaving Mercy to be raised alone by her father. Her eldest brothers left shortly after Mercy's birth to find work and support the family. With an all male family, often times Mercy found herself receiving hand me downs with great masculine style. In her childhood, her third oldest brother, Leon, left to become a merchant, though soon returned after an unsuccesful attempt in the trade. On his travels, however, he learned swordfighting. Mercy begged him to train her. Leon denied her request, explaining she was too young to learn.

Determined to fight, Mercy trained herself at twilight and dawn, using whittled sticks. Her youngest brother, Howard, found her once, and agreed to help her. He believed that if Mercy could evolve, it would grant Leon's respect. Together, they worked to make her stronger. Their hard work paid off two years later, when she evolved into a Lucario early in the morning. She immediatly sought out Leon, only to find him dead and robbed. From her father she learned that Leon was heavily in debt from his travels, and one of his more violent loaners had killed him in the night to gain his owed money. Mercy took her deceased brother's two blades and cap, which she vowed to always wear in his memory. She set out from her household to track down the murderer of Leon.

In her journey she found herself at a large port while experimenting with fire arms. She bought herself a crossbow and a full quiver of bolts with the last of her money. Knowing she would have to pause her quest to earn money, she searched for a ship accepting sailors. She joined the Global Mercenaries in their explorations, and decided to stay with them full time, though she still keeps herself alert for any rumor of the Pokemon who killed her brother.
Weapons: Mercy weilds a recurve crossbow, which she can keep slung across her back whenever it is not needed. At her waist hangs her quiver of Spearow fledged bolts and two black leather scabbards, each holding an anelace with a black leather bound hilt. She uses her crossbow for long range fighting, though she prefers to fight with her blades.
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