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Default Re: Pokémon: Conifer [SU/DS]

Name: Patricia Disarufino

Birthday and Age: Date/Month/YEAR 09/02/1982 30 years old.

Are they Mutated?: Yes Mutated into a Jynx.

Appearance: Patricia's hair is golden shade of blonde, the color you would expect to see/find on a healthy model that is professionally groomed every day and night. The color of her hair perfectly compliments her skin tone. Her fringe is perfectly above her eyes giving her a hot teenage look. She doesn't look a day over 18 but indeed she is 30 years old. In her hair she wears a pink flower; a Lilly. The scent of the Lilly attracts sunlight. Her eyes are a mystical blue, when you look into her eyes you feel as if she is someone incapable of the stuff she is actually capable(talking theoretically because she is a lawyer.). Her body type is athletic yet very feminine. Her back is curved, she has slightly over average breasts and a hasn't really got a backside. She usually wears a suit(for work) but when she is rarely at home she was only ever spotted once by her fiancé without a suit and that day was because her mother died and she stayed off of work. On that day she wore a green cashmere sweater and a pair of blue plain jeans.

Personality: Patricia is a unique one of a kind type of person. She is very motivated, which helps her make money because she is a lawyer. She has two different personalities; work and home. Her work personality is a complete facade to who she actually is. At work she is; or to the other workers seems very clear in her tone, when she is serious she turns into a bit of a boss and commands people to do things immediately. She is confident when ever she opens her mouth, even if it's telling someone to get her morning coffee. Or even if it's standing up, facing the judge, telling him/her how it is. She believes that her way is the true way, and she would never set astray from that path. Her normal personality is when she is at home; which is hardly ever. She is probably awake for 6 hours every week. She is very happy with her life, she has a fiancé and they are planning on having kids. The only similar personality she has to home and work is that she is very close minded, she wants to be heard, and doesn't want to listen.

History: Patricia Disarufino has and always has had an upper class life, from her childhood to her teenage years to her young adult years. She was certainly used to living like a true professional, but she knew that after her 19th birthday she was expected by her parents to go out find herself a job and completely build her life. If she needed they told her that she could come to them with asks for help but she never did. The only time she had been when she was buying an upper class house. She is engaged to a man called Richard Friedrich. He who was also a citizen of the upper class region. They met in law school, when he proposed to her a few months after they got to know each other. They have been engaged for roughly 15 years. Because of their jobs they are too busy to marry. But they have sworn to marry this year. That is before they knew what was going to happen, her turning into a Japanese pocket monster that goes by the name of Jynx. This obviously an unexpected occurrence very rare; not so much that the nearly the whole town of Conifer are mutating but in reality it's an act of nature and is impossibly rare even impossible.

Her mother died when she was 23. She was a demented old woman. She yelled curses at people for nothing at all, or maybe there was a reason but nobody knew it. She swore that she would find out what was wrong with her. On the day of the Eclipse Patricia was sitting in her office reading a note from one of her clients. She was going to get her coffee, when she put the coffee to her lips she had realized that her lips were numb, bruised or even fat. At first she didn't think anything of it but she started to realize that different parts of her body where changing as well. She was getting shorter her trousers were turning into a long silky pink skirt. Her face was going purple. After she fount out that she had mutated she knew that her business life was practically over. She couldn't go to work looking like a 3 year old' doll. With all of that extra time she had, she needed something to do. She needed a purpose to carry on with her life. The day before the Eclipse she fount that purpose. That purpose was to find out what was psychologically wrong with her mother. And she wouldn't stop until she fount out the cause.

Your Character’s Relationships: She is engaged to a man named Richard Friedrich, she has no clue if he has mutated as well she doesn't think this has happened to anyone, but she starts to realize it's not just her.

In her life before the Eclipse which was reasonably only her business life, she knew Martin Karma as another successful business person as herself. Though she has never spoken to him outside of his work her impression of him was a stubborn, big baby. He needed what he wanted. On another note she felt sorry for him because he had a responsibility to his son, if Patricia ever had kids it would be her that gives up work to look after the child but because there is no mother he is stuck with an great amount of pressure.

She knows Tin Karma as the only son of Martin Karma. She understands him because they are both obviously mutants now. She is extremely guilty that she doesn't care, because her only reason of being is to find what was wrong with her mother. In some peoples eyes this is seen as selfish, but for her it's a reason. A reason to live. Without that reason she would have committed suicide.

She has heard of Liam Lawson a lot this year. Mainly described as the "person to watch". She personally thinks he is derivative. His style is very unoriginal. In her eyes he is trying to follow in the footsteps of his uncle. Other than that she doesn't really care about his life very much.

Other: Nope. OOC; Also, would you like for me to post in my signature that this RP is seeking for members? I could do that for you if you like.

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