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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"He wants to build an Hybrid army, which is why we had to put a stop to him nineteen years ago." Kotomi responded to Aiden, her words making him look back at the ground. .

"All of that doesn't even matter now..." Bonnie looked at the ground as well as she spoke, then over to Damon, who still held Diana in his arms. Her gaze lingered there only a moment before it went to Jeremy, and she spoke again.. "Let's go check into a Hotel for the night. That spell did an number on me."

"You guys could stay here if you want to." Stefan offered.

"There actually isn't enough beds for all of us." Jeremy answered with a small chuckle, then looking over to Damon. "Is it okay if Diana stays with you tonight?"

"It's no problem. I'll put her in my bed while I sleep out here again with Aiden." Damon replied, then turning and walking upstairs with Diana. Shortly after Mason, Rebekah, Finn, Meredith, Abigail and Kevin left, although Kol lingered for a little while longer

"We'll all regroup tomorrow." Bonnie said, and after she and Jeremy had cleaned up the altar, they left as well.

"Do you want me to stick around for a little while longer or are you going to bed?" Kol asked as he turned his attention to Kotomi.

"I'm just gonna head up to bed for tomorrow's lesson on auras. Even though it was fun to practice with them it still tired me out." Kotomi responded, to which the Original chuckled.

"It will get easier over time. I'll see you tomorrow." With that, Kol left, and Aiden noticed Lexi and Caroline arch an eyebrow at Kotomi as he sat down on the couch he would be sleeping on that night.

"Well look at you, getting all cozy with Kol." Lexi commented.

"I know you guys don't really trust him but he isn't that bad of a guy." Kotomi responded.

"Really? Did you forget what he did to Diana?" Caroline asked as she crossed her arms.

"No, but..." Kotomi looked down.

"I don't trust him, Kotomi." Isobel told her daughter with a glass of blood in her hand.

"Well I do, and he's the only other person who can help me with these abilities besides Klaus, so take your pick on who you would rather help me." Kotomi snapped, disappearing upstairs shortly after. Kiseki glanced over to see Aiden had turned his attention to the window. He could tell that the situation with Kol upset him, but just like Ichiru usually was, he wasn’t going to let it show. If anyone asked about it, he would most likely just brush it off as nothing.

"Let's just all relax and go to bed." Ashley said with a sigh, snapping Kiseki out of his thoughts as he tore his attention away from Aiden and went upstairs with Caroline after Ichiru, Ashley and the toddlers.

The next morning, Ichiru was already partially awake when he felt movement in the bed next to him. However, he didn’t fully acknowledge it, thinking that it could have simply been Ashley turning over in her sleep. However, when he turned over on his side and felt nothing beside him, his emerald eyes quickly opened to scan the room, seeing that the brunette was indeed nowhere around. He didn’t hear the sound of water, so she couldn’t have been taking a shower… so where was she?

Downstairs, Aiden awoke from his sleep as well, although he hadn’t slept much to begin with. His mind had been plagued with nightmares about Kol killing Kotomi due to his worries before he had fallen asleep, and he had barely gotten any rest. He opened tired eyes yet again just in time to see Ashley disappear downstairs into what he assumed was the basement. He furrowed his brow in confusion, sitting up on the couch just as Ichiru came down the stairs.

He noticed the look on Aiden’s face, and after following his gaze to the basement, he quickly walked over to the set of stairs and descended them, seeing Ashley a few feet away. She appeared paler than usual, and even in the dim light he could tell that she was covered in sweat. This alone was enough to make him concerned, but in addition to that, she was drinking pouch after pouch of blood as if she had a rabid thirst.

The concern finally became apparent on Ichiru’s face, and he walked over to the brunette as Aiden appeared at the stairs, his curiosity and concern having risen when seeing the expression on Ichiru’s face after he had noticed that Ashley was in the basement.

“Are you okay?” Ichiru finally spoke to Ashley as he stood at her side with one hand resting gently on her shoulder. He looked at the pouches that she had already gulped down before he had come in. It had only been a few minutes before he had found her and yet she had already drank this much. Then, it hit him. He looked at Ashley in a slight panic as realization struck, and before he knew what he was doing he had taken her arm in his hands to examine the place where Klaus had bitten her then night before. The skin on her arm had turned red and purple with black veins overnight, leaving it in horrible condition.

Ichiru cursed under his breath as Aiden finally descended the stairs and walked over to the two.

“Is that where she was bitten last night?” He asked in shock when seeing Ashley’s arm, his gaze shifting to the emptied blood pouches shortly after as what was happening finally struck him. Even without Ichiru responding to his question, Aiden turned back toward the stairs and started back to the living room. “I’ll go wake up the others.”
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