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What would be The Skythunder Blades without their Noble that got drunk and bought two boats? And yes, that noble is the one with the ridiculously long (but still pronouncable) name. Fun!

Name: His full name is Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th...But Call him either Sir Zivinci or Ernx.
Pokémon: Eelektross.
Gender: Male.
Faction: Miniera, of course!
Privateer Group: The Skythunder Blades

Character Description: He's a Eelektross, of course. He's taller than the average, by 6 inches, making him 7-foot-5. He's also got two of his head-fins. It's a trait of his family, and a rather reclusive one at that. He has some muscles from his occasional sparring or dueling, but he is not bulging with muscle: It's rather moderate. He's a handsome Lurra, even by the standards of a Lurra-though there are definitely better lookers than him. (He hooks in women with his tongue, rather than with his looks.)

His clothing is suiting for the expedition he's going on, enough so that you couldn't tell he was a noble unless he outright told you: his clothes are fashion-less and bland traveling clothes. The only hint of his royal nature-and even then, not much, considering much less wealthy cloth also wields them-was his weapon: he refused to sell his meteor weapon set even during his drunken rush to sell almost everything he had to buy a boat, and wields one of the set's pieces: The broadsword. Said broadsword was made for smaller Lurra, but Ernx had the handle and hilt adjusted for his hands, so now he wields the large blade-classified in his hands as a somewhat larger blade- as his own. He stores the sheath on his back. When it's out, however, the oddly dark metals and the ridiculously intricate patterns of his family’s history let no Lurra be fooled as to his true nature.

He knew better than to just sell everything-almost everything was sold, but what was left included some light armor, for travel. His coat doesn't hide armor-it IS the armor, having strong iron plates stitched in over important parts of his body (heart, lungs, etcetera), but otherwise providing little-to-no protection. He also has a full Chain Armor that goes under his clothes as well. The coat and chain mail's sleeves extend up until his hands. The clothes also extend until they reach the small flaps that serve as 'legs,' despite his ability to float and not need them (he uses that more often than actually walking with the 'legs')-he preferred them unrestricted. His two head-fins are bound together near the joints by a three steel clasps, steel and unmarked.

He wears no belt, but he does have a lot of pockets in that coat. Don't be fooled into thinking he's got tons of stuff in them There's little in them: Just a few gold coins he was lucky enough to stumble upon, a compass and map of what's discovered of Kibou (including Minieran outposts and strongholds).

Character History: Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 9th was born to Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci the 8th, a Minieran noble, and Lola Zivinci, a woman loved and loving said noble right up until she realized she had a child and laid the egg, unto which she departed, unwilling to raise the child. Both were Eelektross, and so would their sole son (and heir) grow up to be. The 9th Ernx knew many things as an instinctive thing, being a Minieran, but having no limbs whatsoever prevented him from doing this. He lived rather jealously of those with arms until his evolution. However, he did not complain about it outwardly as a Tynamo: He knew he'd eventually evolve. They had the Thunderstone waiting for him as soon as he evolved into an Eelektrik, but until that point, he was content with learning his basic moves. Meanwhile, his father taught him everything else he should know: Politics, Honor, Politeness, how one should behave, and mathematics. However, he, above all else, trained hard to obtain his evolution. It took several years, during which time he turned close to his age, but it was accomplished.

However, the day of the Evolution was accompanied by his father's death. His father had the key to the safe box that held the Thunderstone, and that particular day, the newfound Eelektrik drowned his sorrows in Alcohol. Albeit he had the key and could use his fangs to pick it up, he had no clue how to open the safe box in this intoxicated state. Ernx trained a little more in the meantime. It took the following day's time for the intoxication to wear off and think of the solution of using the control over metal his nation's people were gifted with to move the key, and finally, he was an Eelektross. With Hands. He found great joy in having hands. That was also his first bout of alcohol he ever had, and he picked up the bad habit of drinking.

He was still a young man, but that day and that day alone was all the time the world gave Ernx to get into that form before the inheritance of everything his father ever owned came upon him-including his job. His studies and intelligence in such matters proved a good asset, and albeit he had much less time than before, his swordsmanship training started. It wasn’t so much swordsmanship training as warming up to tap into his natural Minieran instinct of wielding weapons, and it took mercifully little time for this to occur. He now trained with his much larger expanse of moves as well, finding it highly pleasing to use more than just what he was naturally endowed. He learned how to use odd attacks like Giga Drain, Signal Beam and Aqua Tail like this.

However, after a year of political business (he wasn't a major noble, so he was thankfully not in any position that kept him extremely busy or in any spotlight for too long) and a small weapons shop on the side, his divulgence in Alcohol, the pleasures of women (he picked that up on the side), and sheer luck made the events that he now refers to as 'The Bloody Impacts' started.

It all started when a Meteor crashed into a thus-far unused plot of land he owned. As it landed there, it was rightfully his, and only his. There wasn't anything that wasn't seen before in Miniera: Meteors had landed on a rare few occasions, but still, each time was a spectacular occurrence nevertheless, and each time the metals extracted were particularly good with weapons-and this one was seemingly of a larger size than normal. Ernx was, as all Minierans, a skilled craftsmen, but he was not as good as some others, who could put the average Minieran to great shame. He hired the best of the Minieran best to carve weapons out of meteors-which, he knew would cost a fortune to have do this, but on the flipside, he assumed he'd get enough weapons and they would be strong and rare enough to sell him a money and grab a profit (not a fortune, but definitely a good deal of money), judging by the size of the meteor alone. He was good with his mathematics enough that, by the measurements, he knew if his calculations were correct, he would become even wealthier than prior. However...This was an odd venture that didn't occur every day. Henceforth, he wasn't going to immediately start selling. He had the first set-which was made from what he assumed was 10% of the meteor's mass-made into varying weapons and tested by him and the blacksmiths hired. They knew that they were more durable and stronger than the average blade, but they weren't invincible by any stretch of the means. Still, it was a relative success, and Ernx believed he had a profit in the making.

Exactly enough metal for two more weapons could be extracted before it was realized the Meteor was hollow-it just had enough metal to keep its form intact without breaking, but definitely not enough to make the full armory Ernx was expecting, and the poor luck cost him dearly. He sold many things and paid much money to pay off the debts, and they slipped him a side-charge for dealing with the foreign metal that he did not immediately foresee, requiring more payments. It left him depressed. He left with almost half of his fortune taken within the week-though he still had much of it, and he still had the Meteor-made weapons. He figured he could keep his life moderately successful and happy, however, by using what was left to become a full-blown merchant and regain his fortune...Or attempt to regain even more of it and expand it beyond his wildest dreams.

He had heard of Kibou, but hadn't really considered going there-and in comparison to the merchant job, a venture he was familiar with, he liked the latter option more. But he still was undecided, so he went to a bar to mull it over. On the way there, he passed two ships: Schooners, two sails apace, priced well and made good, by Minieran standards. He could buy them both...But that would require selling pretty much everything he had. Not a venture he'd take while sober, and certainly not without any good reason.

That particular night, he and several others, seemingly coming to the bar just to either mope on misfortune or dream of more (quite like him), and each and every last one of them drunk, a Lurra yelled aloud a rumor: An artifact from a hidden city called 'Zigilua' in Kibou had the power to make any Lurra of the opposite gender become immediately attracted to and unquestioningly love the wielder. Had Ernx or anyone else there enticed by that rumor know the Lurra that said it was so drunk he died of it that night, he wouldn't have done what he did. But he was too intoxicated.

He rallied everyone in the bar in an attempt to journey with them, and the majority accepted the offer. Somehow while still drunken, Ernx managed to sell his house and most everything in them (but wasn't dumb enough to sell his Meteor Weapons set, some clothes, and a few essentials), buy both boats, rally more non-drunks that were still wishing to go to Kibou by noting that he now had boats, and finally regained his sober status only when the rest had regrouped by the boats at dawn-and only when they sold almost everything else as well to buy supplies for the long journey, and one of them sent word to the Minieran officer of the navy appropriate for such tasks to get their Letter of Marque. Extreme fortune smiled when said officer was politically aligned with Ernx, knew him enough to know his less-than-liked financial resources (sans the sudden sales of nearly everything he owned to get the ships) and granted it. It wasn't exactly celebration that occurred, but much more like relief: had they not gotten it, many had sold everything for no reason whatsoever and would have became impoverished-if not more so (had they been so already). As a bonus, a Minieran Knight-Kuduz-had been asked to help guard the ship and fight for Miniera. They had been asked to go to an outpost on Cragan island. They day they set off was a hopeful one-they hoped for bounty, for riches, for glory, for their well being to be intact, and ultimately for them to come back to Miniera and the old continent better off than they had left it.

At this point, Ernx is about 29.

Weapons: His primary weapon (that isn't natural-the Eelektross as a species of Lurra is well-known for their capability of a variety of moves and surprising physical strength) is a broadsword from the meteor metal set. Well, more accurately, a broadsword designed as such for a fairly smaller Lurra, but clearly more akin to a 1-handed weapon in Ernx’s hands. The blacksmith who forged it knew Ernx would want it after a practice session, and modified the handle accordingly. On its blade, it tells of the greatest triumphs of the 9 Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivincis (Including this Ernx finding the Meteor) in intricate and delicate carvings that even some Minierans would swear over not having. While somewhat larger and heavier than the blades he practiced with, he's gotten used to it. Despite it being made as a two-handed weapon, it definitely was this only for a smaller Lurra, thus Ernx is capable of wielding it one-handed. On his other is a Buckler: It's a recent addition, but he's adapted to it as well.

Other: His patron deity, aside from Arceus (every last Lurra he's ever known worships Arceus), is Zekrom, out of his family lineage. Also, the reason behind his ridiculously long name is because of the fact that the first Ernx Valan Hanton Lontimos Nox Osi Belixi Ysgramor Zivinci was a King-and a very good ruler of Miniera. His family never got to the throne ever again, and the fact they were once a royal family nowadays has given them little further credit to their names, but they try to remind Lurra of it by copying the name.

Again, I still feel like I could do better with these Histories.
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