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Default Re: Your Black/White Team?

I've recently been making a new team, so I might as well post it here (everyone is level 85 except for Puppet, who's level 89):

Puppet the Hydreigon

This guy is the bomb. He's got great coverage with Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Earthquake, and Crunch. He's the Pokemon I go to when I need a reliable monster

Oliver the Octillery

Oliver might be frail, but he's a pretty awesome guy, with Surf, Signal Beam, Ice Beam, and Flamethrower (to catch those pesky grass-types off guard)

Lexington the Mienshao

I love Mienshao. Lexington especially. He has High Jump Kick for sweeping, Drain Punch for healing, and Stone Edge and Bounce for coverage. The only problem? One shot has a great chance of taking him out. Good thing he's fast :P

Vine the Venusaur

Vine is pretty awesome. He's got Sludge Bomb and Energy Ball for STAB, and Earthquake for coverage. I want to replace Synthesis with something else though. Any suggestions?

Lancelot the Escavelier

Lancelot knows only two attacking moves, Iron Head and Megahorn, but he also knows Protect and Swords Dance. He's not very versatile but he's great at what he does.

Sara the Crobat

Sara is quick. She knows Acrobatics (hopefully I can replace that with Aerial Ace), Poison Fang, Toxic, and Fly. She's pretty useful.
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