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Default Re: The Sacred Log of Pichu

~Gym Battle. Striaton Gym~

AIM, 4v4, D/P/Pt, No Weather, No Terrain, Helds Off, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause

[Leader] SLC04: Ludicolo, Blaziken, Cloyster, Serperior
[Challenger] Psychedelic Shroomish: Gliscor, Gengar, Ninjask, Empoleon

For a mon that was Roared in, Ninjask ended up being a pivotal mon (in the fact it BP'd an Agility to Empoleon who proceeded to sweep) :3

Psychedelic Shroomish: $2000 + some badge + TM Sunny Day
SLC04: $1000

Me: $2000

Current Tourney Salary: $2000

All Above Paid
MK + Trainer17 = Evil twins | MK + Leo = BFFs

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