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Default Re: Typhlosion Explosion vs. Metal Gear Snivy (REF: 5TailedDemonLizard)

Metal Gear Snivy

[Reisen] Venonat (F)
Ability: Compoundeyes
HP: 79%
Energy: 68%
Condition: Phew..;+1 ACC, -6 SPD, -2 DEF; PRZ

Typhlosion Explosion

[Pup] Riolu (M)
Ability: Steadfast
HP: 89%
Energy: 67%
Condition: How dare that bug poison me!; +2 ATK; PSN

Round 4

MGS smirked as his opponent gave the small fighting type its orders. He knew exactly how to counter. Pulling Reisen’s pokéball from his belt, he withdrew the purple bug before Pup could make a move. With another quick flourish, he released his previously used Pokémon. Korra bounced around on her tail for a moment before observing Pup carefully.

Korra is sent out!

[Korra] Azurill (F)
Ability: Thick Fat
HP: 100%
Energy: 96%
Condition: Back again, eh?

Pup glanced back at his trainer with a slight look of fear. How was he supposed to copy THAT? He couldn’t do that on his own! Try as he might, he couldn’t copy any move, because no move had occurred. He whined in slight agitation, knowing he would do better the next round.
[Pup: -1 Energy]

Korra, however, had another plan. She took a deep breath and began to hum a soft tune. It grew in volume and Pup’s ears perked up. It was almost like a lullaby. He felt his eyelids growing heavier with each passing second and he smiled as he drifted off into a deep sleep right on the spot. He snored quietly as he curled up and Korra fell silent, congratulating herself silently.
[Korra: -3 Energy| Pup: SLP]
(Accuracy rolled a 5 where rolling more than 60 resulted in this action missing the target.)

Pup could no longer carry out his final order as he was far away in his own little dreamland! The poison in his body from Reisen caused him to wince slightly but he didn’t wake, calmly sleeping until the next round.
[Pup: -3 HP]
(Sleep Roll was 3473 where any result less than or equal to 3000 resulted in Pup waking up.)

Round 4 End

Metal Gear Snivy

[Korra] Azurill (F)
Ability: Thick Fat
HP: 100%
Energy: 93%
Condition: Very Content!

Typhlosion Explosion

[Pup] Riolu (M)
Ability: Steadfast
HP: 86%
Energy: 66%
Condition: Snoozing peacefully.; +2 ATK; PSN, SLP

Ref Notes:
- Sorry for the amount of time it took to get this up!

MGS, your moves please.

TE’s Pokémon:
- Riolu
- ???
- ???

MGS’s Pokémon:
- Venonat (79%/68%. PRZ)
- Azurill (100%/96%)
- ???


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