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Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

pokémon: emolga
ability: static
moves: acrobatics, agility, charge, discharge, double team, electro ball, encore, light screen, pursuit, quick attack, shock wave, spark, tail whip, thundershock, volt switch
tm/hm: none
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: trade
value: $5,500

Emolga is going to nitro because he likes cute stuff or something?

pokémon: swoobat ♀
ability: klutz ♦ unaware
moves: air cutter, air slash, amnesia, assurance, attract, calm mind, confusion, endeavor, future sight, gust, heart stamp, imprison, odor sleuth, psychic
tm/hm: none
bm/mt/sm: none
obtained: summer gift station
value: $5,000

going to my girlfriend Joltik URPG (8/9/12 forever and always <3)
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