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Character Name: Vidar Omni Necro

Pokemon: Cranidos.

Gender: Male.

Faction: Nomade (GTS+)

Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries.

Character Description: Vidar looks like a normal Cranidos, but he is actually higher than most other who he met (almost 1.6 meters), slightly lighter than usually, and he has a scar on his back that goes through his usual clothes and ends at the tip of his tail. He wears an old black cape, with a symbol of his head drawn onto it which is up to his legs, a pair of black pants, which were roughly sewn together and with a few red spots on it, leaving a hole for his tail to stick out. As a Cranidos, the top of his head is very hard, enough to break almost any substance known with a good Head-butt. There is even a rumour that he can break diamonds, but it's never been proven.

Character History: History is one thing that haunts Vidar in his dreams, despite his claim of making himself part of history. He would do anything to forget about his wretched past, and almost killed himself at one point of time, only to realize that time is only an illusion, and he had so many things to go for.

It all began for him when he was born, he was cursed by a so called 'Necromancer', giving him the last name 'Necro'. When the necromancer left, Vidar was abandoned by his own people that raised him, and he was alone against the world, with the only thing left to him was a note with his Cranidos name, Omni Necro. Surely a baby Cranidos could survive in a world alone, right? That's what his own parents were told, and they believed it. Living alone in the world made Vidar realize that the world isn't nice, and overtime it was proven to be true when both his eyes saw a display, when he was only a child. He saw what happens after a hunter has hunted the prey, and with both eyes opened, he was treated as a threat when the hunter saw him. The hunter caught him easily, and instead of hunting him down he took him under his care.

Since then, he lived with the hunter at his own home, and was taken care by him to anything he needed. The hunter taught him how to hunt, taking him out to hunt his own prey, growing himself to be like the son he never had. When Vidar was very young, the hunter took him on a special hunt, but what he didn't realize that he was the prey, and the hunter was chasing after him. It wasn't long until the hunter found Vidar, and cut a scar on Vidar's flesh as a reminder of this failure. This was the moment when Vidar started disliking his own raiser.

When Vidar was old enough, according to the hunter, he knew the hunter's true name, but the hunter threatened him of telling it to anyone. The hunter was killed on that same day, and he took on his identity, his name, and both the hunter's famed swords. Now known as Vidar Omni Necro, he began searching for a way to take on the hunter's identity. He discovered something about a group of mercenaries that are famed for their ways and their alliance with the hunter. He left the hunter's hideout to rot, and rushed forwards to find and join the Global Mercenaries. He never regretted this decision, as he is now a full time member, and is glad to be part of this team.

Weapons: Two sharp razor blades with ancient inscription on both of them. He also considers his own head as a weapon and a shield, he knows that with it he can go head-on to enemies without weapons. He then realized it was just a metaphor, and ignored the word play, even though people thought it to be funny.

Other: He carries around a note written by one of his people in the village, which says his name as 'Omni Necro'.
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