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Default Re: oh teh noes, cena joined the forumz

Originally Posted by pt_Cena View Post
Orly? I actually main Viola these days, but Pyrrha is my first love. I alt Omega, Pat, Dampierre, Tira, and Nightmare, too. SCIV had me main Amy and Sophitia, and alt Astaroth, Cass, Kamikirimusi, and Vader. You have a PSN?
In SCIV, I used to main with Cass, but now I main with Sophitia. I'm not as good as SCV though. In SCV, I main with Pyrrha, with Pyrrha Omega, and Patroklos. Dampierre is just...awkward. XDD

I do have PSN! But PSN is SOOOOOOOOOO laggy. especially if you have a WWGWGRGE-43687643 or whatever. XD

My PSN is CBadger00.

C= Corey
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