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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Princess_Eevee9 View Post
I'm not talking DW I'm talking WiFi could care less for DW. Download was its ability I apologize then I forgot. It's ability is wasted on the bug, no from what I've seen those two Pokemon basically do the same thing just the Volcanic Butterfly does it better, I don't see it otherwise.

Hey Lost what's happening...oh... that sucks hope you can transfer all the data files you kept. Have you had any luck in procuring a Japanese copy of Black/White 2, I forgot if you said you were getting on or not. College starts back up again soon and I still haven't gamed as much as I wanted to have ;(.

Anybody want to chat on Xat?
I don't think you understand, I talked about DW because previous performance in DW OU is a very good indicator of how a newly released pokemon will perform in Wifi OU.

I'd like to see you pull off a Choice Scarf set with Volcarona, since you say they do the same thing. Switch twice into Stealth Rocks and you're already dead or left with 1 HP, lol.
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