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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Void View Post
Well, if your opponent switches in a resist, what would you do? Stay in and let him wall you or get a free set-up turn? Of course you'd have to switch.

I don't think you really understand what "outclassed" means, something outclasses another thing only if they play the same role in a team. Choice Scarf is to revenge kill, Quiver Dance is to sweep.
unless your name is mence or gyarados where choice scarf means your doing revenging and sweeping, thanks to moxie.

the huge glaring issue of choice volcanora is SR, keeping it off the field is hard enough, constantly switching out and into it dose not help when it takes 4x chunk off as all choice users have to switch at some point normally as they are easy to wall, choice volcanora is walled by heatran, when locked into it's stab moves, both of which make heatran laugh
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